Reducing the Policy Burden for BFML

Posted by

Libby Dean

on 19 Apr 2023

When BFML needed to reduce the burden of distributing hundreds of key documents to its staff, it chose Skillcast's Policy Hub as a solution.

Reducing the Policy Burden for BFML


Bespoke Facilities Management Limited (BFML) provide a broad range of facility maintenance services, including security, cleaning, and maintenance solutions driven by process and technology.

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BFML partners with organisations across many sectors, including rail, commercial, clinical, retail and leisure, driving the need to distribute hundreds of policies and other key documents to their staff.

A spreadsheet was used to distribute over 300 documents to staff. This created a huge challenge when assigning and sending these documents to new starters. Not only was it an administrative burden, but it was also prone to errors and omissions.

In addition, there was the burden of assigning and distributing updated versions of these documents whenever they changed.


Skillcast's Policy Hub enabled the BFML team to assign documents to staff automatically. And the built-in attestation feature even allowed them to consolidate existing reporting.

With the help of a dedicated Skillcast Customer Success Manager, BMFL could also distribute updates of important documents to specific audiences. That included notices, key elements for onsite work, and employee handbooks. And completions were reported live for both new and existing staff.

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Policy Hub has helped BFML to maintain its compliance levels whilst updating documents. And by automating what was previously a manual process across 300 documents, they now save a huge amount of staff time.

The tool now helps to automate the process of issuing all documents, which is a key element to our Compliance, Risk and Governance management.

BFML has saved around 390 working hours a year (equivalent to 1 day per week) in maintaining and managing documents with the help of Skillcast's Policy Hub tool.

Client feedback

"Skillcast is a great platform, very quick and simple to set up. Unlike other platforms, Skillcast enables you to set up the platform the way you want it. It's not just an out-of-the-box product; it’s customisable to your company's needs. They have a great support team that is always reachable and willing to help with any queries or add something new. They are contactable via email but will jump on a video call to go more in-depth if needed.


The Skillcast platform has provided us with one access point for employees where their e-learning can be completed alongside the assertation of our company safety documentation so that everything is in one place. Skillcast has given us piece of mind that all policies and e-learning are assigned to the right users when they start and have allowed us easily report on what training and policies are outstanding for employee and company compliance."

IT Support Technician, Bespoke Facilities Management

Policy Hub

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