Compliance Benchmarking & Challenges 2024 Webinar

Length: 46 minutes | Format: Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss the key compliance challenges for 2024 and share the findings of our latest Compliance Benchmarking Survey, providing valuable insights to our clients and prospects in three key compliance domains:  Compliance Innovation, Data-Driven Compliance and Compliance Cost Management.

This session offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from senior managers and other risk professionals, providing a contemporary perspective on "The Future of Compliance."

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Discussion Points

  • Innovations in compliance learning
  • The crucial role of data in effectively managing regulatory compliance programs
  • Strategies for promoting the "value" of your compliance and learning initiatives

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Webinar Speakers



Catriona Razic

Catriona Razic is a co-founder of Skillcast. She advises global firms on their compliance communication strategy, working directly with them to deliver successful compliance and learning initiative outcomes. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics.



Lucien Carter
Director of Regulatory Compliance

Lucien brings 35+ years of experience, having worked across commercial, training and compliance disciplines.  Most recently he was Deputy Head of Compliance for a European Private Bank with a focus on regulatory implementation; a role that can be best described as "guiding the organisation and people to better understand their regulatory responsibilities to deliver more efficient regulatory outcomes.