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Bespoke Compliance Training



Engage employees with messaging tailored to your business processes and culture.



Inform employees about your organisation’s specific policies and regulations.



Influence behaviour change with relevant and personalised content.



Achieve a culture of compliance with a truly bespoke training course for your business.


Exceptional courses

We build truly exceptional bespoke learning experiences for some of the most demanding companies in the world. We assign each client a designated project manager backed by a team of creative writers, subject matter experts, consultants, designers and programmers, and working with your own reviewers and stakeholders to provide a smooth and efficient content development process.

We understand the importance of brand, style and presentation but never lose sight of key learning objectives. Our prime focus is on your employees - we use scenarios, conversations and news stories to ensure that they clearly understand what good looks like and are motivated to act compliantly.

All of our bespoke courses are made the to the highest accessibility levels - we use universal design to provide one perfectly crafted course that works for all users. Granular level reporting on the knowledge and competence of the learners is built in as standard.

We put you, the client, firmly in control of the message with commenting and review dashboard that allows you to leave comments, view the comments of others, check on progress and will even automatically chase your team to complete reviews.

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Tailored OTS Courses

Sometimes it can be daunting to start with a blank piece of paper when creating a bespoke module. A great and very popular alternative is to let Skillcast do the heavy lifting by taking one of our off-the-shelf (OTS) modules and tailoring it to meet your requirements.

Using our SHARD design framework, we can fully brand all elements of the course to reflect your design guidelines before it gets shown to your experts. We then assign it to all your reviewers who can add and review each other's changes our online commenting dashboard. Your designated project manager will manage the whole process of reviews and redrafts, ending with what feels like a bespoke course at a fraction of the cost and time to delivery.

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Skillcast 100 compliance eBook

eBook: The quest for 100% compliance

Learn about how you can overcome the key challenges of achieving 100% compliance attainment in your organisation.

This eBook explores how to better engage staff with compliance training , embed a compliance culture, make management more efficient, and reduce barriers to training so you can minimise the risk of non-compliance in your company. 

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Translations is a particular area of specialisation for us. Our enterprise clients often need e-learning delivered in multiple languages, in different jurisdictions that necessitate localisation. To serve these clients we've developed sophisticated capabilities for multilingual module development and delivery. For instance, for certain clients we create and maintain up to 100 versions of the original course. This is made possible by the functionality of our content management system, our streamlined processes and our partnership with leading translation firms that can handle the complexity of our projects.

Our process leverages the use of XML/Excel exports to interface with translation firms and the use of translation memory held on our behalf by our translation partners to improve accuracy, reduce costs and reduce time to delivery on projects of all sizes. This capability has helped Skillcast win a coveted Brandon Hall gold award for technology excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training category.

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We can help you design and implement a full employee-engagement solution for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that is tailored to your specific risks, business processes and culture.

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