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Modern Slavery Resources

Gemma Castle
By Gemma Castle - November 11, 2016

modern slavery resourcesSince The Modern Slavery Act came into force in the UK last year, there has been an abundance of modern slavery resources appearing online. You only need to google 'modern slavery' and you will be swamped with information covering everything from what modern slavery is, how to spot the signs, and the measures you can take to prevent it.

It has become a hot topic and one many people are eager to learn more about, with large organisations across the country now under scrutiny to publish an annual modern slavery statement which details the steps they have taken in that year to identify and prevent modern slavery in its own business and its supply chain.

But, with the overwhelming amount of resources available to us, it can be difficult to know where to start.

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In this blog we have put together a list  of useful and relevant resources that we believe will help in your development of understanding modern slavery and the regulations that fall under The Modern Slavery Act 2015.

See below a list of modern slavery resources:

modern slavery resources

http://www.globalslaveryindex.org/ - Provides a global estimation, country by country, of the number of people victimised by modern slavery today.

https://modernslavery.co.uk/ - Provides up to date facts and figures of modern slavery in the UK, along with how to identify the red flags and information on UK-based support services.

https://www.walkfree.org/ - Published the Global Slavery Index report, this site encourages you to be a part of the fight against modern slavery by joining their action campaigns.

http://www.antislavery.org/ - The world's oldest international human rights organisation whose sole purpose is to abolish slavery in all its forms.

http://www.endslaverynow.org/ - Contains useful educational tools of personal stories relating to different types of slavery.

http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ - Provides detailed information of all individual sections of The Modern Slavery Act 2015.

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