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    Skillcast at World of Learning 2019

    Published on 02 Oct 2019 by Simon Truckle

    Skillcast hosted a 30-minute gamification seminar at World of Learning (#WOL19) the UK’s most comprehensive event for all aspects of learning and development.

    About World of Learning 2019

    Showcasing a wide-range of solutions in everything from e-Learning and mobile learning to experiential and classroom learning, the event is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for L&D professionals looking for a complete blend of learning solutions and inspiration.

    The World of Learning conference features high-profile case studies from globally distinguished companies, interactive seminars and discussion forums, focusing on the current issues affecting L&D professionals and a look ahead to the future of workplace learning. 

    Learning Design Live is a distinct area of the event specifically focused on learning tech design. It delivers in-depth advice and allows you to share ideas with other design specialists. The seminars explore and uncover the hottest trends within the Learning Design industry.

    Seminar: Using the SCORM model to embed serious games within e-learning programmes

    Skillcast CCO and Co-founder, Catriona Razic was joined by Simon Truckle our Head of Consultancy for a 30-minute seminar at Learning Design Live.

    We explained how you can successfully build serious games that use the SCORM model to communicate with Learning Management Systems.

    • How our approach drives user engagement and adaptive content
    • How our innovative use of confidence levels can feed into people analytics/competency mapping

    Watch the seminar in full

    Our World of Learning serious game

    To illustrate the concept, those attending were invited to play our World of Learning Challenge, then the results were shared live with insights from the audience's game play.

    The showcased game was based around appropriate use of personal information and social media in the workplace.  Those who score high enough will earn an "I Love Learning" t-shirt.


    Want to find out more about Serious Games?

    Skillcast clients, including Royal Mail have found games to be incredibly useful in helping to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as offering a clear focus for future initiatives.

    Our serious games are scenario-based, in which your employees are presented with challenging propositions in a realistic context. They can accept or reject each proposition with a click or swipe as they try to answer questions within the time limit without losing any lives. It is a fun way to reinforce the serious training that employees receive.

    Serious games have been proven to drive behavioural change and improve knowledge retention. A quiz is just one example of a kind of a serious game, and can be a great asset to support compliance e-learning. Most people love a quiz. They make people think and add an element of competition, which drives up motivation levels.

    Download Serious Games Brochure

    You can watch my explanation of the the real benefit of quizzes is in the video below.

    We regularly blog about key developments in both learning theory and our LMS. 

    As well as 30+ free compliance training aids, we regularly publish informative Compliance blogs. And, if you're looking for a compliance training solution, why not visit our Compliance Essentials course library.

    If you've any further questions or concerns, just leave us a comment below this blog. We are happy to help!

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