Using Confidence Levels to Identify Training Needs

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Catriona Razic

on 24 Jan 2023

When one of the UK's leading independently owned investment management firms needed a better Data Protection training strategy, they turned to Skillcast.

Using Confidence Levels to Identify Training Needs


With over 1800 staff operating in offices across the globe, data protection is a key area of focus for our client. But engagement levels in training were dropping, causing concern that mistakes could be made, leading to fines.


Employees at the investment management firm had begun questioning why they had to repeat data protection training every year, having already completed it.

It created such a lack of employee engagement that achieving training outcomes had become an uphill battle.


At the end of 2020, the firm chose to partner with Skillcast to create a bespoke gamified data protection assessment.

The aim was to be able to gather tangible data that could be analysed to help inform their training plan on this topic in the future.

In addition to assessing whether staff knew the correct answers, the gamified learning took the approach of tracking confidence levels.

It was deployed to a pool of around 600 staff who were classed as a lower-risk population, as they didn't deal with data requests or were not as touched by data protection requirements directly on a day-to-day basis in their role.

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The results demonstrated that staff did have a good deal of knowledge that had been retained from previous years of training on the topic.

Because the questions had been grouped into pools based on certain topics, the team were able to identify that there were only two topics among all of those in the assessment where learners were consistently scoring less than 80%.

These were data subject access requests and special category data.

The results were as follows:

  • The average score for end-users was 83%
  • All departments scored over 75% on the assessment
  • Individuals were confident and correct across 70% of all responses.

Next steps

The result enabled the client to create shorter, targeted training on the two knowledge gaps identified by the gamified assessment.

This new 10-minute-long training was deployed in 2021 to anyone among the 600 users who had taken part in the gamified assessment. The client also intends to use the gamified assessment next year to continually assess how well people are retaining what they have learned.

Client feedback

"The new gamified assessment showed the team that there was knowledge retained from year to year, which allowed them to focus their attention on more targeted training. Engaged learners as this was seen internally as a new and positive approach to training. Allowed the team to build better relationships as a result of the two points above."
Business Risk Manager, Investment Management Firm

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