Skillcast Standard

Skillcast Standard is a flexible plan for building your digital compliance portal. You start with our award-winning Learning Management System and select one or more course libraries to train your staff.

Later, you can add the Policy Hub for policy attestations, DSE self-assessment, Gifts and Hospitality register, and other features to streamline staff compliance.

If you are ready to bring all these processes onto a single compliance portal, choose our Skillcast Premium plan, which includes all our RegTech features at a great price!

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Skillcast Learning Management System

Our featured-packed Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to build and deliver all of your digital training content.

It provides one-click access to e-learning courses, robust reporting, easy tailoring and branding, plus options for HR data integration, single sign-on and more.

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Compliance Declarations

Many employees need to complete disclosures or declarations for compliance with laws, regulations or internal standards.

Using email of paper-based processes is slow, inefficient and creates unnecessary duplication.

And making sure that they are completed on time is an ongoing headache. 

That's why we have created our Compliance Declarations Online Tool to simplify and streamline the whole process.

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Compliance Registers

From breaches, conflicts of interest and donations to gifts and hospitality, maintaining registers is a key aspect of compliance.

But traditional methods lack the ability to track and approve register entries in a timely and consistent manner.

Now you can easily manage all of your registers in one place, with our online Compliance Register tool.

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Compliance Survey Tool

Understanding key risks, knowledge gaps, and overall awareness is a key element of compliance planning.

Without robust, unbiased employee feedback your compliance programme is effectively flying blind.

Our Compliance Survey tool will help you to easily and regularly monitor key topics including diversity, inclusivity, cybersecurity and even wellbeing.

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Events Management

It is relatively easy to manage e-learning. But arranging and tracking other training events can be a headache.

Our Events Management System (EMS) is a one-stop solution for managing your online and face-to-face corporate training events.

Harness the benefits of holding HR data, online training and event attendance all in one centralised portal.

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Training 360 Tool

Compliance training isn't all about online courses.

There are many offline activities you need to track, from mandatory activities and on-the-job coaching to seminars.

Our Training 360 Tool makes it easy to capture all offline learning in one place - even formal CPD hours.

It helps you see offline and online training in parallel for a complete picture of your organisation's learning.

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Policy Hub

Our online Policy Hub tool provides a complete, cost-effective corporate policy management solution.

It enables you to create, update, approve, communicate and seek attestation for your corporate policies.

It helps you to easily demonstrate compliance with the UK and international laws and regulations.

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SMCR Core Registers

SMCR Core Registers are also available as an add-on to our Standard Plan. They help you centralise, integrate, and automate your SMCR processes to improve accuracy, reduce risk, and save time.

  • Senior Managers Register
  • Certified Persons Register
  • Conduct Rule Breach Register

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Our Compliance Portal combines our award-winning LMS with a suite of RegTech tools to transform your staff compliance.

You can manage all of your compliance needs in one place. No more flipping between screens or moving data from pillar to post!


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