Enhance your OTS E-learning Courses 

Our off-the-shelf e-learning courses look great out of the box especially as we automatically apply your company colours, brand and logos.

But it doesn't have to stop there!

We have a range of options that can be applied to your courses to gain even greater engagement.

You can see in the video, how adaptations are driven in tandem with business needs for one of our clients.

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Personalised Learning

Ask any senior member of your organisation how to improve your e-learning and they’ll most likely say: "Make them short and relevant!".

Well, that’s exactly what we offer. By asking each individual what their role involves and then only delivering content relevant to that particular learner.

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Personalised Learning

Adaptive Content

We can use a pre-course assessment to assess the competence of each learner, then adapt the content accordingly.

One key application is the 'FastTrack' option in courses. It delivers a greatly pared-down version of the course to learners demonstrating competence in the pre-course test.

Alternatively, if a learner is struggling, a remedial training detour can be triggered instead.

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Fast Track Unconscious Bias

Custom Video Styles

Opening with a video is a great way to start a course for maximum impact. This could be as simple as a recorded message from a senior stakeholder or something more engaging using a mix of animations, text effects, video clips and photography.

The great thing about video is that it can be re-used in other training formats. We will deliver it within the SCORM course but also make it available to you as an MP4 standalone video.

This can then be used to support face-to-face sessions, added to intranet sites to drive traffic and delivered at the point of need.

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Gamified Learning

In every business, some people are supremely confident that they know everything, and yet are regularly wrong. This can affect business-critical decisions, so you need to identify them – but how?

In our gamified assessments, we ask the learner how confident they are in their responses. This delivers valuable insights beyond the accuracy of answers to show how potential red flags.

Take the Inspectors Challenge

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Customised Styles

We can adapt the look and feel of your content to closer reflect your business, going above and beyond the usual client branding.  

This link shows some great options that our clients have taken.

Course Refresh Options  (PDF)



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Customised Styles

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