Length: 45 minutes | Format: Webinar

In today's competitive business landscape, the synergy between organisational culture and compliance is pivotal in shaping an organisation's success.

In this webinar, we explore the intricacies of building and maintaining a culture of ethical conduct within the regulatory compliance framework.

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Discussion Points

  • Understand what a compliant culture looks like and learn how to identify and assess compliance risks within your organisation's culture.
  • Discover leadership's critical role in shaping and maintaining a compliant culture and explore effective communication strategies to build trust with regulatory authorities.
  • Examine the relationship between ethical conduct and compliance, and learn how to make ethical decisions within the framework of regulatory requirements.
  • Learn how diversity and inclusion contribute to a compliant culture and explore strategies for promoting diversity in compliance initiatives.

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Webinar Speakers



David Kenmir
Risk & Regulatory Partner

David is responsible for helping to develop the range and depth of FS regulatory-related services offered by PwC to its clients, drawing on his previous experience as a senior regulator. During his career at the FSA, Kenmir held a number of senior roles, and was a member of the FSA board, executive and regulatory policy committees.



Katharine Leaman
Managing Director
Leaman Crellin

Katharine Leaman spent 11 years within the FCA then oversaw compliance at two major banks. She now consults on regulatory compliance across market conduct, CASS, SMCR, FX Global Code, Outsourcing, non-financial misconduct, and conduct risk.



Catriona Razic

Catriona Razic is a co-founder of Skillcast. She advises global firms on their compliance communication strategy, working directly with them to deliver successful compliance and learning initiative outcomes. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics.