Enhancing your Compliance Learning Webinar

Length: 35 minutes | Format: Webinar

In 2024, the landscape of training methods is rapidly evolving, embracing modern approaches like gamification, embedded learning, microlearning, adaptive learning, and role-specific training. These methods aid in meeting regulatory requirements and actively engage staff while catering to the workforce's diverse needs.

In this webinar, we challenge the conventional one-size-fits-all approach and explore whether mandatory compliance training is becoming outdated. As well as how to update compliance training to meet rules and better fit different employee needs.

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Discussion Points

  • Benchmarking: Using gamification to spot problem areas
  • Embedded learning: Grab knowledge as you need it
  • Nudge learning: Highlight scenarios regularly and support with learning nuggets
  • Microlearning: Keep it short to boost engagement, knowledge retention and productivity
  • Adaptive learning: Fast-tracking staff with prior knowledge
  • Role-specific training: Target training to the needs of each learner

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Webinar Speakers



Catriona Razic

Catriona Razic is a co-founder of Skillcast. She advises global firms on their compliance communication strategy, working directly with them to deliver successful compliance and learning initiative outcomes. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics.



Simon Truckle
Director of Learning Services

Simon is responsible for ensuring that Skillcast partners achieve the best return on their e-learning investment. He helps our clients personalise the approach to the needs of their organisation. Before Skillcast, he was Head of E-learning at both Barclays Wealth and Gerard Asset Management.