FCA Business Plan: Market Abuse Webinar

Length: 47 minutes | Format: Webinar

Financial markets are the backbone of the global economy, facilitating capital allocation, investment, and economic growth. As financial markets become increasingly complex, regulatory bodies play a vital role in maintaining a level playing field and ensuring fair and transparent market practices. 

This webinar focuses on safeguarding market integrity through the prevention and detection of market abuse, to enable organisations to strengthen their ability to prevent, detect, and combat market abuse effectively.

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Discussion points...

  • Emphasising the need for organisations to adopt a holistic approach in their market abuse framework, to ensure they are covering traditional and emerging risks
  • Lessons learned from recent fines for market abuse, highlighting specific cases, understanding what went wrong in each example
  • The importance of continuous learning and why awareness raising and myth-busting are key to compliance


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Webinar Speakers


Webinar Host

Catriona Razic

Catriona is a co-founder of Skillcast. She advises global firms on their compliance communication strategy, working directly with them to deliver successful compliance and learning initiative outcomes. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics.



Katharine Leaman
Managing Director
Leaman Crellin

Katharine Leaman spent 11 years within the FCA then oversaw compliance at two major banks. She now consults on regulatory compliance across market conduct, CASS, SMCR, FX Global Code, Outsourcing, non-financial misconduct, and conduct risk.



Emily Wright
Surveillance Speciallist
Leaman Crellin

Managing Director with over 20 years experience in Financial Services with leading investment banks Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan, and Lehman Brothers, and global brokerages ICAP PLC and Newedge Group.  Expertise in designing and leading change management programs, building talented teams, establishing robust control frameworks and driving culture change in financial services through Monitoring & Surveillance, Compliance, Operational Risk and Human Resources.