Service Level Commitment

Version Control / History

Version No. Description / Summary of Changes Date Effective
1.0 Released 23/10/2023

1. Availability Service Level

  1. 1.1. Skillcast offers 99% availability which is defined as a Downtime of less than 1% per calendar month.
  2. 1.2. For the purposes of this Service Level Commitment “Downtime” means the time during which the Customer is unable to access the Service, but excluding:
    1. issues caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Skillcast, including acts of God, failure of utilities, telecommunications, network intrusion, acts of government, acts of third parties, emergencies, natural disasters, flood, fire, acts of terror, civil unrest, strikes or other Force Majeure Event;
    2. any problems with the Customer's technology or resulting from the Customer's combining any element of the Service with any software or hardware not supplied by Skillcast or not identified by Skillcast in writing as compatible with the Service;
    3. interruptions or delays in providing the Service resulting from internet or DNS failures outside of Skillcast networks;
    4. any interruption or unavailability resulting from the misuse, improper use, alteration, or damage of the Service;
    5. unavailability while Skillcast performs maintenance on the Service when necessary, at our reasonable discretion;
    6. the Customer’s equipment, software or other technology and/or third-party equipment, software or other technology (other than third-party equipment within Skillcast’s direct control);
    7. the Customer’s (or the Customer’s Users) failure to allow Skillcast to install security patches, emergency repairs, available upgrades or updates;
    8. the Customer’s failure to meet the Minimum Specification; and
    9. the suspension or termination of the Service by Skillcast in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  3. 1.3. Service Credits will be claimed, verified and paid all in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

    If Skillcast fails to meet the Availability Service Level in any calendar month, the following Service Credits shall apply:

Downtime Percentage in a given calendar month

Service Credit Percentage

Equal to or greater than 1% but less than 2%

0.4% of the pro-rata Fees paid for the current Contract Year

Equal to or greater than 2% but less than 3%

0.8% of the pro-rata Fees paid for the current Contract Year

Equal to or greater than 3% but less than 4%

1.6% of the pro-rata Fees paid for the current Contract Year

Equal to or greater than 4% but less than 5%

3.2% of the pro-rata Fees paid for the current Contract Year

5% or more

6.4% of the pro-rata Fees paid for the current Contract Year

2. Warranties

  1. 2.1. Skillcast shall:
    1. maintain sufficient computing, bandwidth and multiple points of connectivity to meet this Service Level Commitment;
    2. restore access to the Service as soon as possible in the event of Downtime;
    3. maintain a disaster recovery plan, including the provision of a Disaster Recovery Site with sufficient computing, bandwidth and multiple points of connectivity that are geographically removed from the services that normally host the Service;
    4. apply up-to-date virus-checking software to its systems to help keep the Service free from harmful components and do not introduce any computer virus, Trojan horse or similar destructive, disruptive or nuisance programme to the Customer's systems; and
    5. provide technical support to the Customer's named support administrators or help desk via calls made to helpline +44 207 929 5000 and emails sent to during normal UK working hours of 9 am to 5 pm on Business Days and endeavour to resolve the issues reported by the next Business Day.
  2. 2.2. The Customer shall:
    1. direct its Users to address their questions to the Customer's nominated support administrators or help desk, who will use their best endeavours to resolve User's queries, and, if unable to do so, will seek support from Skillcast by the means stated above in 2.1(e);
    2. provide Skillcast with all necessary and timely cooperation in relation to the Agreement, including performing all its responsibilities set out in the Agreement and providing all necessary access to such information and personnel and facilities as may be required by Skillcast in order to render the Service (and ensure that such information and data is accurate in all material respects);
    3. be responsible (at the Customer's own cost) for:
      • ensuring that the Customer's IT infrastructure complies with the relevant specifications to use the Service provided by Skillcast, including the Minimum Specification, as amended from time to time;
      • implementing sufficient contingency and business continuity procedures to mitigate damage resulting from loss of any of its data (including Customer Data), critical company information and other losses of information stored electronically including by taking appropriate backups of Customer Data; and
      • operating appropriate firewalls and virus checks and implementing effective and appropriate data security in respect to the receipt of the Service.

3. Minimum Specifications

The required configurations each User must have to access the Service are as follows:

  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768;
  • Internet connection with commercially adequate bandwidth;
  • Latest version of one of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari;
  • JavaScript must be enabled; and
  • Skillcast servers must be whitelisted in any firewalls.