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We understand that no two companies are the same in terms of business processes, risk profiles and cultures. So, we make it very easy and costless for our clients to completely bespoke our off-the-shelf courses. But when off-the-shelf is not a good fit or when you have a specific topic for the e-learning intervention, we can build a truly exceptional bespoke course.

Our bespoke process puts your employees at the centre and reimagines the process required to achieve your organisational goals from their perspective. We take the action mapping approach where the behavioural change you want in the employees informs the learning activities in the course and that in turn determines the content of the course.

We understand that your employees' time is precious and the information overload on them is constant. So successful e-learning needs to engage the learners immediately, provide only relevant information, and ensure that interactivities focus on influencing behaviour.

bespoke e-learning
Tailored content development

We follow a structured IS0 9001 certified process for content development. For every bespoke project you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who is your partner in ensuring the success of your e-learning intervention. The Project Manager is assisted by other experienced consultants and can bring in the expertise of designers, developers and even external subject matter experts as needed.

Our consulting team has decades of experience of developing bespoke content for some of the most demanding clients. The projects range in complexity from single rapid e-learning modules to completely immersive gamified modules and interactive modules with scores of localised versions. Whatever your objective and budget, your relationship manager and project manager will structure a solution to fit your needs.


Rapid Collaborative Authoring

Our authoring systems are online and hosted on our servers. That enables us to collaborate seamlessly with your experts and reviewers and you can monitor your courses through development. You also have the flexibility to quickly convert existing content into courses, bring in content from our vast off-the-shelf libraries, and to retain our team for some parts of the project while handling other parts yourself for the most cost-efficient and effective approach.

bespoke e-learning

Translations is a particular area of specialisation for us. Our enterprise clients often need e-learning delivered in multiple languages, in different jurisdictions that necessitate localisation. To serve these clients we've developed sophisticated capabilities for multilingual module development and delivery. For instance, for certain clients we create and maintain up to 100 versions of the original course. This is made possible by the functionality of our content management system, our streamlined processes and our partnership with leading translation firms that can handle the complexity of our projects.

Our process leverages on the use of XML/Excel exports to interface with translation firms and the use of translation memory held on our behalf by our translation partners to improve accuracy, reduce costs and reduce time to delivery on projects of all sizes. This capability has helped Skillcast win a coveted Brandon Hall gold award for technology excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training category.

bespoke e-learning

We can help you design and implement a full employee-engagement solution for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that is tailored to your specific risks, business processes and culture.

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