Empowering Learners at Tesco

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Simon Truckle

on 19 May 2023

The transformative journey at Tesco provides valuable insights for organizations seeking to enhance learning and drive compliance effectively.

Empowering Learners at Tesco

A fascinating cross-section of global food manufacturing, hotels, logistics, automotive, and gaming professionals attended our Lunch and Learn event.

Roberta is a visionary leader, who realised that for learning to truly drive change, it must be seen as a personal investment rather than just an obligation.

She feels that learning and assessment should not be imposed on colleagues but instead that they should be part of the process. This encourages them to be autonomous and make good decisions.

Questions Discussed
  1. How do you empower learners to make good decisions
  2. How do you make learning exciting and cool?
  3. How can you market compliance learning into the business?
  4. How can you track compliance training effectiveness and establish which topics are doing well?

Roberta Bartaska, the Lead Learning Design Manager at Tesco, shared her approach to these challenges and corporate learning in general.

Future Proofing Tesco Training (PDF)

1. Empowering Learners to Make Good Decisions

The key to unlocking the potential of colleagues is to encourage them to ‘own’ their learning by understanding what they didn’t know.

Tesco addressed this by putting in place

  • Focus Groups
  • Leadership Support
  • A process for writing questions that mirrored real-life scenarios.

The goal was to help learners to discover

  • What do I know?
  • What could I know better?

The approach was to use a diagnostic assessment that allowed learners to see where they had gaps in their knowledge. Crucially each question also asked how confident they were in their answer.

2. Making Learning Exciting & Cool

To encourage take-up, Tesco used a gamified learning approach. Retailers love competition and leaderboards, so Tesco harnessed this attitude in their learning.

Colleagues could compare scores across departments and locations, transforming learning into a friendly competition and helping Line Managers see the strengths and opportunities across the area.

3. Marketing Compliance

By connecting the Skills Assessment results to business KPIs, the results became tangible and helped to engage business leaders.

Clearly explaining the benefits and showing tangible results, repositioned compliance as a business enabler to leadership teams.

A board champion further reinforced the commitment to learning and compliance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

4. Training Effectiveness

Store managers could sit with their teams and help them look at areas in which they needed to be coached and mentored. Managers could pair up team members to encourage peer-to-peer coaching.

Showing the knowledge gaps was key at an individual level. Still, it also allowed Tesco to aggregate reporting to identify trends across the business and promptly address any gaps or challenges.

Onboarding Tesco Temps (PDF)

Key Takeaways

Tesco's success in transforming learning and compliance is a testament to the power of learning and the start of a new culture.

Roberta's transformative journey at Tesco provides valuable insights for organizations seeking to enhance learning and drive compliance effectively.

When embarking on such initiatives, it is crucial to:

  1. Clearly define the problems you aim to address and align learning objectives accordingly.
  2. Identify and leverage the most suitable tools and resources to support your initiatives.
  3. Communicate the business value of compliance learning and secure buy-in from stakeholders.

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