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    Learning Influencers to Follow in 2020

    Published on 07 Nov 2019 by Matt Green

    Attending Learning Live and World of Learning highlighted how many great thought leaders there are in the learning community. So here's our pick of those you should follow in 2020.

    With that in mind, we've collated a list of those learning influencers who continue to inspire us and set trends across the industry and beyond.

    The list is diverse, with experts from talent development and instructional design to learning technology. That's why there's no particular order - it's impossible to rank them really.

    Oh, and if you think we have missed anyone off our list, please let us know!

    Cathy Moore

    LinkedIn - Cathy Moore


    Cathy Moore's Blog


    We'll start with Cathy Moore - who when she was working with Skillcast developed some amazing e-learning for some of the top global firms.

    Nowadays she is an internationally recognised training designer and presenter, who's a champion of "saving the world from boring design". She is a regular speaker at international conferences and her advice and design ideas are embraced by major corporations.

    Cathy is an author and created the acclaimed action-mapping model, which still informs our own e-learning design. Follow her blog to learn about what's new in training design.

    Josh Bersin

    LinkedIn - Josh Bersin


    Josh Bersin's Blog


    Josh Bersin is an HR, learning and talent analyst, who founded the eponymous and highly influential firm Bersin, now Bersin by Deloitte. He also runs the Bersin Academy which is aimed at helping organisations drive business performance.

    He is a well-known research analyst, speaker who helps HR and learning companies align their services to the needs of corporate buyers. Read his blog for insights on HR, talent management, leadership and technology.

    Donald H Taylor

    LinkedIn - Donald H Taylor


    Donald H Taylor's Blog


    Donald Taylor is a veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, and a recognised commentator and speaker on learning and learning technologies.

    Since 2010, Donald has chaired the Learning and Performance Institute a global body for L&D professionals, and also chairs Learning Technologies, one of Europe's biggest learning exhibitions and conferences.

    He is the author of numerous books and regular contributes to numerous training journals and magazines. Follow his blog for latest on his annual learning surveys and keynote conference appearances.

    Christopher Pappas

    LinkedIn - Christopher Pappas


    Christopher Pappas's Blog


    Christopher Pappas is an eLearning blogger and analyst, better known as the founder and CEO of Elearning Industry, one of the biggest platforms dedicated to all things eLearning, jam-packed with articles, trends, good practice, free resources, platform reviews and directories for all your L&D needs.

    Pappas's life's work (his words, not ours) is to democratise the sector and make knowledge accessible to everyone. Find out how at Elearning Industry.

    Christopher Pappas Feedback

    Elliott Masie

    LinkedIn - Elliott Masie


    Elliott Masie's Blog


    For over 25 years, Elliott Masie has hosted and curated many learning and development conferences and seminars and is widely acknowledged to be the first analyst to use the term e-learning.

    He is the founder of the annual Learning conference, leader of Learning Consortium - a coalition of 200+ global companies, as well as the editor of Learning Trends. Elliott has written over 12 books, is an international speaker, and has served as an adviser to government and non-profits. Oh, and he is also a producer of Broadway shows.

    Visit the Masie Center site to find out how his NY-based think tank helps organisations support learning and knowledge.

    Laura Overton

    LinkedIn - Laura Overton


    Laura Overton's Blog


    Laura Overton is an award-winning learning analyst and was the founder and CEO of Towards Maturity, a learning analyst service and community which brings together global learning professionals providing comprehensive research on workplace learning and the latest trends to drive change in the industry.

    Laura has authored over 40 major research reports and written over 300 articles. She regularly shares best practices via her masterclasses and webinars. Among numerous awards, last year Laura was named the most influential person in corporate eLearning and voted #1 mover and shaker in the global e-learning industry.

    Colin Steed

    LinkedIn - Colin Steed


    Colin Steed's Blog


    Colin Steed has over 45 years' experience in L&D and publishing. He was a co-founder of the Learning and Performance Institute.

    He then went on to create the  prestigious Learning Awards, the popular Learning Live event and the Learning Directors Network. Find out the latest from the world of L&D by watch his free monthly Learning Now TV show

    Donald Clark

    LinkedIn - Donald Clark


    Donald Clark's Blog


    Donald Clark is an EdTech entrepreneur, a well-known blogger and researcher with over 30 years' experience of the online learning business and learning technologies, having designed and delivered learning programmes for many global organisations.

    He is involved in research into AI in Learning with a book currently in production. As an award-winning speaker,  he has delivered keynotes around the world including Ted Talks

    Craig Weiss

    LinkedIn - Craig Weiss


    Craig Weiss's Blog


    Craig Weiss is the CEO and lead analyst of the Craig Weiss Group. He is widely recognised as one of the most influential experts in the world of learning systems.

    In addition to writing the Elearning 24/7 blog, he contributes to numerous publications (including ASTD's Learning Circuits and Training and Development in Australia), and has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences.

    Visit his site FindAnLMS.com to find reviews of Learning Management Systems.

    John Leh

    LinkedIn - John Leh


    John Leh's Blog


    John Leh is CEO and lead analyst at Talented Learning, an independent research consultancy which offers advice to learning technology decision-makers.

    Named among the elearningindustry top 20 global movers and shakers for two years running, John is a passionate LMS analyst, blogger and advisor with over 20 years' experience, and has helped over 100 organisations implement learning technology strategies.

    Jane Hart

    LinkedIn - Jane Hart


    Jane Hart's Blog


    Jane Hart is an author, speaker and founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, one of the leading websites for learning trends, technologies and tools.

    With over 25 years' experience, she has received many awards (including from the Learning & Performance Institute and Association for Talent Development) and champions continuous learning. She regularly features on influential lists including the top 10 global movers and shakers in 2018. Read her blog for insights on continuous learning.

    Charles Jennings

    LinkedIn - Charles Jennings


    Charles Jenning's Blog


    Charles Jennings is co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, which works with global organisations to help them exploit the potential of the 70:20:10 model and align L&D objectives with organisational performance.

    He is a prominent thought leader in L&D and performance, speaker, writer and blogger, and also a member of the Internet Time Alliance.

    Nigel Paine

    LinkedIn - Nigel Paine


    Nigel Paine's Blog


    Nigel Paine, former head of the BBC's Learning and Development operation, has extensive experience in leadership, learning technologies, and creativity, having been involved in corporate learning for over 20 years.

    He has published eight books, written and edited over 100 articles, hosting workshops and delivering keynote speeches at international conferences.

    Nigel is a regular presenter of Learning Now TV a free monthly L&D programme. For lively discussions on the latest in L&D, listen to his weekly podcast - From Scratch.

    Robin Hoyle

    LinkedIn - Robin Hoyle


    Robin Hoyle's Blog


    Robin Hoyle is the Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International, a writer, learning strategist, broadcaster and blogger with over 30 years' experience in L&D.

    Robin has created award-winning learning programmes for global businesses and has written numerous books and articles. He chairs the popular World of Learning event and is a regular contributor to Learning Now TV

    Jane Bozarth

    LinkedIn - Jane Bozarth


    Jane Bozarth's Blog


    Jane Bozarth is the director of research for the eLearning Guild, one of the oldest communities of eLearning professionals packed with resources, ideas, research - everything you need to help create better eLearning.

    Jane is an award-winning speaker at international learning events (such as DevLearn) and author of several books. She is also a blogger and contributor to Learning Solutions Magazine. Join her weekly learning moderated chat on Twitter by following #lrnchat.

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