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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.
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Is there a limit to how many courses a subscriber can access during the year?

No. The subscription to a library gives the user unlimited access to all the courses in that library.

How well does Skillcast work on mobile compared to desktop?

The Skillcast LMS and courses are built to work on all devices and operating systems. Of course, the experience on mobiles will be different to that on desktops but we take a mobile-first approach and our content looks at least as good on mobiles as on desktops.

Can I customise content for my company? At what cost?

Yes, all our courses can be customised by clients and at no cost.

Do I keep ownership of my content?

Yes, our contracts respect our clients' ownership of their intellectual property.

Can I create my own content on the Skillcast system? Can I update it?

Yes, you can author and update your own content. It's also possible for you to draw upon Skillcast content that you have a subscription for making your modules.

Are there any minimum system requirements? Does it require Flash?

The Skillcast LMS and courses only require a browser (IE 8+, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) - that can be on any device and operating system (including iOS and Android). None of our systems require Flash.

Are the Skillcast systems SCORM compliant?

Yes, both our LMS and our Courses are SCORM compliant and hence inter-operable with other third-party SCORM compliant courses and LMSs.

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