Skillcast Product News | 2023

Posted by

Catriona Razic

on 26 Jun 2023

Our portfolio of off-the-shelf compliance courses is continually enhanced and updated. So you never need to worry about new rules catching you out!

Skillcast Product News | 2023

The third quarter of 2023 has been a busy time for our content team. Below, you can learn about updates, enhancements and newly published courses.

Course Libraries

Compliance Essentials Library

We've updated the following courses in our Essentials Library:

1. Electronic Communications 7. Records Management
2. Equality & Diversity in the Workplace 8. Responsible Use of Social Media
3. Equality & Diversity for Managers 9. Unconscious Bias
4. Healthy Working 10. Unconscious Bias for Managers
5. Identity Crime 11. Whistleblowing
6. Managing Safely 12. Working Safely

All changes to the courses include:

  • a design update for an enhanced user experience
  • a full review by a subject matter expert
  • content updates to reflect changes in legislation, news stories with fresh examples, exercises and assessment questions

New Essentials Courses

  1. Speak Up
    Compliance Essentials E-learning Courses

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FCA Compliance Library

The following courses in the FCA Library have been updated by a subject matter expert:

1. CASS 7 & 7A - Client Money Rules & Client Money Distribution & Transfer 5. Principles for Businesses
2. FSCS Deposit Protection 6. Prudential Regulation
3. Introduction to UK Financial Regulation 6. Whistleblowing in Financial Services
4. Overview of the Consumer Duty 7. Whistleblowing in FS for Managers

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Global Compliance Library

Our Global Compliance Library now contains 16 courses that have been translated from English into nine other languages. All of these essential e-learning compliance courses are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified).

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Global Risk Compliance Library

Our comprehensive Global Risk Compliance Library contains IIRSM-approved courses. The IIRSM approves quality content and integrates risk decision-making to help keep people and organisations safe, healthy and resilient.

Our Global Risk Compliance library now has 17 courses that are available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

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Health & Safety Library

We are constantly reviewing the course content in our Health & Safety Library to reflect any changes in legislation.

New Health & Safety Courses

  1. New & Expectant Mothers at Work
  2. Accident Reporting & Investigation

Insurance Library

We are constantly reviewing the course content in our Insurance Compliance Library to reflect any changes in legislation. The library has been fully updated to reflect the FCA's Consumer Duty regulation.

Updates to the following courses in the Insurance Library:

1. Introduction to UK Financial Regulation 4. Principles for Businesses
2. An Introduction to Solvency II 5. Prudential Regulation
3. Overview of the Consumer Duty 5. Whistleblowing in Financial Services

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SMCR Library

The following course in the SMCR Library was reviewed and updated by a subject matter expert:

1. Fit & Proper Assessments  

We have introduced our first Spaced Learning course as part of our SkillcastConnect compliance community programme: SMCR Spaced Learning Module. This CPD-accredited intermediate-level open-learning course on the SMCR focuses on 15 of the most important aspects of the SMCR.

Looking for more compliance insights?

We have created a series of comprehensive roadmaps to help you navigate the compliance landscape, supported by e-learning in our Essentials Library.

We also have 100+ free compliance training aids, including assessments, best practice guides, checklists, desk aids, eBooks, games, posters, training presentations and even e-learning modules!

Finally, the SkillcastConnect community provides a unique opportunity to network with other compliance professionals in a vendor-free environment, priority access to our free online learning portal and other exclusive benefits.

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