Transforming Compliance Summit

Posted by

Catriona Razic

on 13 Oct 2021

Recent events have driven changes in the way we work and live. Our summit explored how to harness these changes for compliance success.

Transforming Compliance | Skillcast Summit

Compliance was already changing, but now the pace has quickened.

Our panel of compliance thought leaders gathered in London's iconic Gherkin to discuss some of the key trends driving compliance transformation. Explaining how to embrace these changes and propel your compliance to new heights.

Watch the seminars for free by clicking the button below, or you can download each of our speaker's presentations below.

  1. Delivering Agile Compliance (39 mins)
  2. Leveraging RegTech for Compliance Success (39 mins)
  3. Providing Defensibility in Compliance (39 mins)
  4. Tackling Risk using the Swiss Cheese Model (12 mins)
  5. Protecting the Vulnerable (37 mins)
  6. Meeting SMCR Expectations (39 mins)
  7. Building Compliance Roadmaps (14 mins)

Compliance Transformation Seminars

Compliance Transformation Seminars

Seminar 1: Delivering Agile Compliance

Speaker: Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20

delivering-agile-compliance-6-tc-mrChange is the greatest challenge impacting compliance. Michael Rasmussen explains why we need to focus on ethics, integrity principles and values rather than prescriptive checklists.

Download the Agile Compliance Slides


Seminar 2: Leveraging RegTech for Compliance Success

Speaker: Jason Boud, CEO, RTA

leveraging-regtech-tc-jbThe nature of compliance is changing, driven by factors including cost, efficiency and climate change and the pandemic. Jason Boud explains how leveraging RegTech can solve many issues.

Download the Leveraging RegTech Slides


Seminar 3: Providing Defensibility in Compliance

Speaker: Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20

delivering-agile-compliance-3-tc-mrMichael Rasmussen explains why policies are the foundation for compliance defensibility. By leveraging technology you can demonstrate their communication to keep regulators happy.

Download the Compliance Defensibility Slides


Seminar 4: Tackling Risk using the Swiss Cheese Model

transforming-compliance-2021Many compliance procedures appear faultless in principle, but in the real world, most have holes. How can you remedy that? Simon Truckle explains how the Swiss Cheese Model can help.

Download the Swiss Cheese Model Slides


Seminar 5: Protecting the Vulnerable

Speaker: Martin Schofield, Director, MSA Training & Consultancy

vulnerable-customers-tc-msCustomer vulnerability can happen overnight, be long-standing, temporary, physical, mental, sporadic or permanent. Martin Schofield explains what the law requires and how best to deliver this.

Download the Protecting the Vulnerable Slides


Seminar 6: Meeting SMCR Expectations

Speaker: Katharine Leaman, MD, Leaman & Crellin

smcr-expectations-tc-klThe FCA has set out clear expectations of those falling under the SMCR. Katharine Leaman explains what they mean for individuals, why you need to be proactive, and steps you need to take.

Download the SMCR Expectations Slides


Seminar 7: Building Compliance Roadmaps

Speaker: Rachel Finn, Solutions Advisor, Skillcast

compliance-roadmaps-tc-rfCompliance is a complex journey. So your staff need a reliable roadmap to reach their destination. By using simple, systematic steps you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Download the Compliance Roadmap Slides

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