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Technology, Content and Expertise for Enterprise E-learning


Enterprise Learning and Content Management

Skillcast builds and maintains e-learning portals for global firms for creating and delivering e-learning modules, policy documents, attestations and case management tools. Our platform includes numerous enterprise features, such as robust tracking and audit trails, multiple review groups, multilingual portals, diagnostic assessment reports, content-as-a-service (CAAS) and the Shared Accessible Responsive Design (SHARD) framework.

"I cannot say enough about the support we get from Clare. She is always positive and never defensive. Takes responsibility for making it work regardless of whether it is part of her remit. Extremely competent in what she delivers, a tenacious problem solver and a pleasure to work with. As I said, if I could award a gold medal to our best supplier out of all the suppliers I work with Clare would win it."
- Compliance Manager, Schroders

"[Our Service Manager] has been essential to helping us recover some difficult situations over the past month. He has worked very long hours to ensure the quality of our course launches. I appreciate the dedication he has had and the positive attitude toward the work even at the most challenging of times."
- L&D Manager, Barclays

Managed Learning

Skillcast Portal comes with Managed Learning - a term we use for the exceptional level of customer support that we provide to our Enterprise clients. The focal point of this managed service is your dedicated Service Manager, who acts like your trusted team member in the day-to-day management and delivery of learning programs. Your Service Manager also endeavours to understand your business, provide proactive advice and ensure that the portal and service is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Your Service Manager, aided by our Global Client Services (GCS) team, will ensure that you get a highly responsive and efficient service, dealing with everything ranging from user setup, HR feeds, content upload, course assignments, email communications, and management reports and analysis - in short, everything need to administer your e-learning within your organisation. If you want to do any of these tasks yourself, or assign them to someone in your company, your Service Manager will provide full training and subsequent ongoing support.

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Multilingual, Global Rollouts

Global organisations have particular needs for learning management. These include handling multiple languages, different time and date formats and local content customisation. Skillcast Portal provides sophisticated multilingual capabilities to simplify such course rollouts, monitor activity and chase up delinquents in various countries and languages via a single set of reports. This is a critical feature for our clients who need to train tens of thousands of employees across the globe, and has won us the coveted Brandon Hall gold award for the Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training category.


Content Authoring and Editing

Our Content Management System can enable you to start authoring your own content within minutes. You can upload your PowerPoints presentations into standard conformant e-learning courses. You can use existing Skillcast e-learning modules as a base to build your own. Or you can build new content from scratch using our templates, images, and interactive assets - easily accessible from online libraries.

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