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    Compliance course libraries

    Skillcast is the leading provider of corporate compliance e-learning in the UK. We work exclusively with companies - ranging from FTSE100 giants to small and mid-size business. Based on our work with our clients we have developed compliance course libraries as an economical, one-stop solution to meet all of your corporate compliance needs.

    Our course libraries put a vast library of high quality, interactive compliance training content at your disposal. They reduce costs and procurement overheads, and by enabling you to quickly roll out staff training, they also reduce your compliance risk.

    All the courses in these libraries are ready for delivery and our innovative design framework called SHARD 5 automatically applies your corporate branding and colours to all the courses. But in most cases you can enhance the behavioural impact of the training by customising the courses to your business. For this reason, we've made the courses really easy to customise and translate if needed.

    Hundreds of UK businesses are using Skillcast courses as the foundation of their corporate compliance programme. Schedule a demo to see how your company can cut the cost and improve the quality of your staff compliance using our off-the-shelf course libraries.

    Compliance training course libraries

    Key Benefits

    Timely training interventions reduce compliance risks

    Timely training interventions reduce compliance risks

    Procuring e-learning a course at a time is time-consuming and expensive. It also raises the risk of regulatory breaches from training being delayed or not provided at all. That is the top reason why our clients choose our library solution. Our off-the-shelf library courses can be delivered straight out of the box or with quick customisation. This reduces your planning and timelines for delivering training as needs arise.

    Easy customisation, translation & localisation

    Easy customisation, translation & localisation

    We've built the off-the-shelf courses to be ready for delivery as is, but also easy to customise and translate for a global audience, if needed. This gives our clients the best of all worlds - content that is cost-effective, instantly available but also fully tailored to the business.

    Accessible training for all

    Accessible training for all

    Our courses are built to provide accessibility to users with a range of disabilities. They conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA. Our proudest moment came when we got this comment from a partially sighted learner - "The latest [Skillcast] course was the best online experience I've ever had!"

    Customer service responsive to corporate needs

    Customer service responsive to corporate needs

    We work with hundreds of companies and understand their needs and challenges. Our solutions underpin the entire compliance programmes at our client companies. We are conscious of this responsibility and passionate about what we do. We have an excellent track record in going above and beyond, and hence reducing operating overheads for our clients.

    Free trial of compliance training library

    Free Trial: Compliance Essentials

    Skillcast Essentials is our best-selling library and there's a reason for that. Essentials library provides comprehensive coverage of the key compliance / conduct issues that companies in the UK face today.

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    We offer several off-the-shelf subscription options for you to train your staff using this course and others in this library. Alternatively, you may purchase a perpetual licence to this course and tailor it completely to fit in with your business or go for something totally bespoke that we build for you ground up. Visit our pricing page for more details on all these options.

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