Small Business Compliance Training

Small businesses in the UK spend thousands every year to comply with all the regulations. The cost is several times higher in certain sectors, such as financial services.

Skillcast can help lighten this load. Our Basic Plan provides your own portal pre-loaded with the key small business compliance training courses relevant to your industry.

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It's the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution on the market for teams of up to 50 staff.

Simple to use and set up in minutes!

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1. Start Your Free Trial

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2. Pick a Plan Size

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4. Assign Courses

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Your Own Virtual Compliance Manager

Our Basic Plan is like having your own online compliance manager, helping lessen the admin burden.

  • Advice: We suggest the most appropriate courses for your industry and its specific risks.
  • Planning: Automation allows you to schedule courses and reminders if people haven't completed them.
  • Responsibilities: Ensure staff know who is responsible for key areas like data protection and money laundering.
  • Monitoring: Management reports show how your team is doing and highlight areas needing more attention.
  • Record-keeping: You can show regulators that training has been done if anything goes wrong.

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Mandatory Courses

Best-in-class Pricing

Basic Plan is the most cost-effective small business compliance training solution on the market, with easy-to-follow pricing.

Staff Total Price (12 Months)
1 £349
2-5 £549
6-10 £849
11-20 £1,249
21-30 £1,549
31-40 £1,749
41-50 £1,949

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Training Summary

What Basic Plan Delivers

  • Corporate Compliance Portal: for tracking and reporting e-learning and other compliance activities. 
  • Sector Libraries: Courses relevant to your industry.
  • Reporting: Unified dashboard of all employee activity. 
  • Mandatory Training: To be completed by a set date.
  • Automation: Of email assignments and escalations.
  • Evidence: Download certificates of training completion.

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Management Console

100+ E-learning Courses

Every small business knows time is money, so our courses are designed to fit in with busy working days.

Compliance Bites are short, engaging videos on key compliance issues, such as insider trading, special category data, tipping off and whistleblowing.

And for those more in-depth topics, we have full e-learning modules, including post-course assessments.

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  • Award-winning LMS
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  • Built specifically for small businesses
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Basic Plan

Basic Plan Small Business Course List

Based on over 20 years of delivering regulatory compliance e-learning to companies in the UK, we have built several libraries of courses that help you demonstrate staff compliance. Skillcast Basic plan picks all the relevant courses from our libraries that are right for your industry sector. Here are some of the 100+ courses included, depending on your industry sector.

Course Type Topic
In-depth E-learning Anti-Money Laundering
Bribery Prevention
Data Protection
Embargoes and Sanctions
Equality and Diversity
Healthy Working
Market Abuse Regulation
Modern Slavery
Preventing the Facilitation of Tax Evasion
Safeguarding the Vulnerable
Working Safely
Financial Services E-learning BCOBS
- Distance Communications
- General Standards
- CASS Overview
- CASS 10: CASS Resolution Pack
- CASS 6: Custody Rules
- CASS 7/7A: Client Money
- CASS 8: Mandates
- CASS 9: Information to Clients
- Appropriateness
- Client Categorisation
- Client Comms & Financial Promotions
- Client Comms & High Risk Investments
- Dealing & Managing
- Retail Distribution Review
- Suitability

- PRIIPs Regulation

- Conduct Rules
- Training & Competence
- Appropriate Use of Communication Channels
- Ethical Standards in Finance & Investment
- FX Global Code
- Introduction to UK Financial Regulation
- SEC Rule 15a-6
- SEFs & DCMs
- UK Money Markets Code
High-Level Standards
- Information Barriers
- PRA SS221: Outsourcing & 3rd Party Risk
- Principles for Business
- Cancellation & Claims
- Distance Communications
- General Matters
- Providing Information & Advising

- Advising & Selling
- APRC, Shortfalls & Charges
- CeMAP Competency Refresher
- Disclosures
- Equity Release
- Financial Promotions
- General Standards
- Mortgage Credit Directive
- Mortgage Market Review
- Responsible Lending & Affordability

- AIFM Regulations
- Payment Services Regulations
Prudential Standards
- Prudential Regulation
- Complaints Handling
- Complaints Handling for Managers
- Complaints Handling for the Mortgage Market
- FSCS Deposit Protection
- Pensions Ombudsman Complaints Handling
- Benchmarks Regulation
- CONC Consumer Credit Regulations
- Conduct Rules for Certified Persons
- Conduct Rules for Employees
- Conduct Rules for NEDs
- Conduct Rules for Senior Managers
- Non-financial Misconduct
- Conflicts of Interest in Asset Management
- Financial Crime Prevention
- Personal Conflicts of Interest
- SM Arrangements Systems & Controls
- Breathing Space Regulations
- Good Outcomes for Vulnerable Customers
- Operational Resilience
- Overview of the Consumer Duty
- Treating Customers Fairly
- Whistleblowing in Financial Services
- Whistleblowing for Managers
Essential Microlearning Mental Health Awareness
Facilitation payments
Gifts and hospitality
What is bribery?
Anti-competitive agreements
What is fraud?
What is insider trading?
Direct discrimination
Indirect discrimination
The 4D Bystander Intervention Model
The nine protected characteristics
The three characteristics of harassment
Unconscious bias
What is harassment?
Money laundering red flags
Understanding terrorist financing
Preventing tipping off
Terrorist financing red flags
The three stages of money laundering
Forced labour indicators
What are sanctions?
GDPR consent
GDPR International transfers
GDPR legitimate interests
GDPR Principles
Subject Access Reports
Interacting on social media
Special category data
What is the GDPR?
Business email compromise
Creating strong passwords
Information classification
Information security on the move
Malware and ransomware
Spot a phishing attempt
Video conferencing
What is information security?
Display screen equipment
Failing to disclose information
False representation
Identity fraud
Supplier fraud
Dealing with stress at work
Managing absence at work
Managing discipline
Managing grievances
Managing performance
Right to Work in the UK
Health and Safety Microlearning Accident Reporting & Investigation
Driving at Work
Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
Fire Safety
Fire Warden Training
First Aid Awareness
General Office Hygiene
Ladder & Stepladder Use
Lone Working
Manual Handling
Menopause Awareness
New & Expectant Mothers at Work
Slips & Trips
Violence & Aggression
Work Equipment
Work-related Stress
Working at Height

Basic Plan FAQs

If you have any other questions, get in touch by emailing us at

  1. Courses
  2. Training
  3. Training Administration
  4. Subscriptions

1. Courses

  1. Which courses are included in the Skillcast Basic Plan?
    All users get courses on generic compliance topics that affect all business sectors, such as bribery, cyber security, equality and health and safety. In addition, you may get courses specific to your business sector.
  2. Can users only view the courses assigned to them?
    No. All users can view all the courses in your Portal. Additionally, some of these courses may be assigned as mandatory, which means that you are required to complete them by the deadline provided.
  3. Do the courses bookmark my progress?
    Yes, all the courses have automatic bookmarking. If you close a course without completing it, you can choose to return to where you left off or to restart the course. However, if the course features a video, your progress through the video will not be bookmarked and you'll need to start the video afresh upon your return.
  4. What are in-depth courses?
    In your subscription, you will find several in-depth e-learning courses on topics such as bribery, money laundering, data protection and equality that are suitable for annual compliance training. Each of these courses takes 30-45 minutes to complete and provides your employees with a comprehensive foundational knowledge of the given topic. They can evidence that with a certificate and CPD points.
  5. What are microlearning courses?
    The Skillcast Basic Plan includes microlearning courses on most topics that you need for employee compliance training. They are typically 2-3 minutes long and illustrate the compliance topic using engaging visuals and storylines. For each course, employees can download a certificate evidencing their completion.

2. Training

  1. What is "mandatory training"?
    All users in your account can see all the courses available for your business sector. You can set any of these courses as "mandatory training" for one or more users. Doing this assigns the courses to them with a deadline and sends them notification emails. If they don't complete the course within the deadline, they get reminder emails to complete the assignment.
  2. How do I check my mandatory training?
    The "Mandatory Training" box on the Portal's homepage displays the percentage of your mandatory training that is completed, not completed and overdue. Select the box to access your incomplete mandatory training. The date (shown in the DD/MM/YYYY format) is your deadline for completing the course.
  3. What is in my training record?
    Your training record shows a list of the courses that you've started and completed. You can select each entry to see more details, such as your passing score and your certificate. You can access your training record by selecting "Certificates" at the top of the screen.
  4. Can I get certificates for courses I've completed?
    Yes, you can download a course completion certificate after you've completed a course by selecting "Certificates" at the top of your screen and then selecting the relevant course from the list of those that you've completed.
  5. How do I update my details?
    Select "My Profile" at the top of the screen to change your details.

3. Training Administration

  1. Do I get a dashboard to manage my employees?
    Yes, Skillcast Basic Plan provides you with an admin dashboard where you can manage and monitor your learners. It enables you to check whether your employees have completed the mandatory training you have assigned to them and download a report showing the number of assignments that are completed, pending or overdue for all your users.
  2. What does the admin dashboard show?
    The admin dashboard gives you an overview of your Portal with three charts. By selecting the buttons under each of these charts, you can access more information and tools to manage your Portal and monitor your learners.
    1. "Users": shows the number of invited, active and archived users you have, and the number of seats available for you to assign
    2. "Assignments": shows the number of assignments that are completed, pending or overdue for all your users
    3. "Training records": shows how many in-depth courses and microlearning courses are complete or incomplete for all your users
  3. How do I reset my password?
    Follow the steps below to reset your password:
    1. Select "My Profile" at the top of the screen
    2. Select the "Reset Password" tab
    3. Complete and submit the form
  4. How do I view details of my subscription?
    Select "Billing" at the top of the screen to manage your subscription. Here you can find information such as your renewal date, payment card, invoices and receipts.
  5. How do I add users to the Portal?
    Follow these steps to add users to the Portal, then each user will receive an email guiding them on how to activate their account on the Portal.
    1. Select "Manage" at the top of the screen
    2. In the "Users" section, select "Manage users"
    3. Select "Add users" near the top of the screen
    4. Enter each user's details – their first name, last name and email address
    5. Enter a personal message to the users (optional)
    6. Select "Send invitation(s)"
  6. What user account types are there?
    You can change a user's account type by editing the user. Users are automatically assigned the "Learner" account type when invited to the Portal. Users can have one of four types of accounts:
    1. Learner: can only access courses
    2. Report Viewer: can access courses and view management information
    3. Manager: can access courses, view management information, assign training and add, edit and archive user accounts
    4. Owner: has full access and can manage billing
  7. How do I edit a user?
    Users with the "Learner" account type cannot edit their details themselves. Follow these steps to edit a user:
    1. Select "Manage" at the top of the screen
    2. In the "Users" section, select "Manage users"
    3. Locate the relevant user and select "Manage user" under their details
    4. Select "Edit user" near the top of the screen
  8. How do I archive a user?
    Archived users can no longer log in to the Portal, but their training records are not erased. You can unarchive a user by selecting "Reactivate". Follow these steps to archive a user:
    1. Select "Manage" at the top of the screen
    2. In the "Users" section, select "Manage users"
    3. Locate the relevant user and select "Manage user" under their details
    4. Select "Archive" near the top of the screen
  9. How do I assign a course to a user?
    Follow these steps to assign a course to a user:
    1. Select "Manage" at the top of the screen
    2. In the "Assignments" section, select "Manage assignments"
    3. Locate the relevant course and select "Manage assignments"
    4. Select "Add assignments"
    5. Select the relevant user(s) and set the deadline
    6. Select "Continue"
    7. Enter a personal message to the user(s) (optional)
    8. Select "Add assignments"
  10. How do I see the training records for each course?
    Follow these steps to see the training records for each course:
    1. Select "Manage" at the top of the screen
    2. In the "Assignments" section, select "Manage assignments"
    3. Locate the relevant course and select "View training records"

4. Subscriptions

  1. How do I start a subscription?
    Subscribing to the Skillcast Basic Plan is easy. You are already registered for a trial. Select "Purchase" at the top of the screen and select the number of seats you need (you will need a seat for yourself). You can pay using a credit or debit card, which will be processed by Stripe.
  2. Can I change the number of seats in my subscription?
    Yes, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher number of seats at any point during your subscription at a pro-rata charge. You can reduce the number of seats at any point too – but this change will take effect from the next renewal date.
  3. Can I get monthly or annual subscriptions?
    All subscriptions are on an annual basis. We don't offer monthly subscriptions.
  4. Can I get an invoice for the subscription?
    Yes, you will receive your invoice and payment receipt by email. You can also log in to Stripe to download your invoice and receipt after the purchase.
  5. How long do I have to wait to assign training after making the payment?
    After your payment has been processed successfully, you will have immediate access to all the e-learning for yourself and your employees. You will need to add their names and email addresses to give them access.
  6. How do I purchase more seats?
    Your admin dashboard shows how many seats you currently have available. You can purchase more seats at any point during your subscription, allowing you to add more users to your Portal. You can have a maximum of 50 seats in total.
  7. Can I reuse the seats of employees who have left my company?
    Yes, you can free up seats by archiving users who have left your company. You can then assign these seats to others in your company.
  8. Can I add more than 50 users to my subscription?
    Skillcast Basic is only available for up to 50 users. If you require more than 50 seats, you will need to upgrade to our Standard Plan. You can get in touch with our Sales team for this via our website.
  9. Can I get a refund if I terminate my subscription partway through the year?
    Unfortunately, not. Skillcast Basic subscriptions are for a whole year. If you terminate partway through the year, we will not renew your subscription, but we can't give any refunds.