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    Compliance Training Resources

    We've created numerous free resources to help you engage your people in compliance learning to address various areas of regulation. Select a category below to review our selection of training presentations, compliance aids, eBooks and expert videos.

    Training Presentations Compliance Aids eBooks Expert Insights and Videos

    Training Presentations

    GDPR Training Presentation

    GDPR Training Presentation 

    Ensure your staff know everything they need to about GDPR with this free, customisable training presentation.

    Download the Free GDPR Training Presentation

    Anti-bribery Training Presentation

    Anti-bribery Training Presentation

    Download Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Training Presentation to ensure your employees fully understand the laws surrounding bribery.  

    Download the Anti-Bribery Training Guide

    Modern Slavery - Breaking the Chains

    Modern Slavery - Breaking the Chains

    This training presentation demonstrates a commitment to eradicating slavery across your business and supply chain.

    Access the Modern Slavery presentation

    Fifth Money Laundering Directive

    Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD)

    Get up-to-speed with the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD). This training presentation will educate and inform your team.

    Download the free 5MLD training presentation

    Leadership Training Presentation

    Leadership Training Presentation

    Download Skillcast's free interactive training presentation to encourage good leadership skills in your organisation.

    Download the Free Leadership Training Presentation

    Acting Professionally Training Presentation

    Acting Professionally Training Presentation

    Professionalism is crucial to success. Ensure your employees understand the importance of behaving professionally. 

    Download the Professionalism Training Presentation

    Time Management Training Presentation

    Time Management Training Presentation

    Give your staff the gift of time by helping them to use it more efficiently and effectively with this interactive presentation. 

    Download the Free Time Management Presentation

    Competition Law Training Presentation

    Competition Law - Levelling the Field

    This free PowerPoint presentation focuses on the law surrounding agreements between competitors and along the supply chain. 

    Free Competition Law Training Presentation

    Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II)

    Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II)

    Ensure your teams are up to speed on the latest revision of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ll (MiFID ll) 

    Download the MiFID II Guide 

    Personal Data Training Presentation

    Personal Data Awareness Poster

    A free poster to display in your office to help ensure staff fully understand what constitutes and personal data and how to sufficiently protect it. 

    Download the Free Personal Data Poster

    Identity Fraud Training Presentation

    Identity Fraud Training Presentation

    Educate your staff on how to protect their identities against fraud and understand the different types of identity crime.

    Download the Identity Fraud Training Presentation 

    Workplace Stress Training Presentation

    Workplace Stress Training Presentation

    An essential training presentation to help staff understand and identify the signs of stress in the workplace.

    Free Workplace Stress Training Presentation

    Whistleblowing Training Presentation

    Whistleblowing - Whistle and Win

    A myth-busting attempt at explaining the key issues of whistleblowing and which circumstances are considered reasonable cause.

    Download the Whistleblowing training presentation

    Risk Management Training Presentation

    Risk Management Training Presentation

    The fast-paced, corporate world comes with new risks every day. This interactive presentation will help your staff manage risk confidently.

    Free How to Manage Risk Presentation

    Information Security Training Presentation

    Information Security Training Presentation

    Reduce your business' risk of falling victim to data security breaches and educate your employees on information security.

    Download the Information Security Training Presentation


    Cyber Security Training Presentation

    Cyber Security Training Presentation

    Cybercrime is on the rise and organisations that aren't aware of its impact can be at risk of an attack. 

    Access the Cyber Security training presentation

    Economic Sanctions Training Presentation

    Economic Sanctions Training Presentation

    Avoid fines by educating staff on the key issues surrounding economic sanctions laws.

    Economic Sanctions - Free Training Presentation

    Employee Fraud Training Presentation

    Employee Fraud Training Presentation

    Internal, employee fraud can be a real threat to companies. Take the steps to eradicate the risks, and educate your organisation.

    Free Employee Fraud Presentation

    Workplace Accidents Training Presentation

    Workplace Accidents Training Presentation

    Safety must always come first. Your employees need proper training to be able to identify potential hazards and prevent accidents. 

    Free Workplace  Accidents Training Presentation

    Modern Slavery Training Module

    Modern Slavery Training Module

    If staff are aware of the signs of modern slavery, they can carry out their duty correctly if they suspect any wrongdoing.

    Access the Modern Slavery Training Module

    Display Screen Training Presentation

    Display Screen Equipment

    Maintain the health of your staff by educating them in the basics of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) use. 

    Download the Display Screen Equipment guide

    Workplace Harassment Training Presentation

    Workplace Harassment Training Presentation

    End discrimination in the workplace by ensuring your employees are aware of equality & diversity with our training template.

    Download the Free Staff Harassment Training Template

    Promoting Equality for Staff Training Presentation

    Promoting Equality for Staff

    A time-efficient way of ensuring staff are up to speed on the importance of equality in a healthy working environment.

    Free Promoting Equality Training Presentation

    Promoting Equality for Managers Training Presentation

    Promoting Equality For Managers

    Educate your management team on the impact of equality and diversity on the working environment.

    Download the training guide for Managerial Equality


    Compliance Aids


    Modern Slavery Statement Template

    A free template to help you create a modern slavery statement for your business based on best practices.

    Free Modern Slavery Statement Template


    GDPR - 10 Top Tips Poster

    10 top tips that every business should be doing to ensure GDPR compliance. Simply download and display in your office! 

    Download Your Free GDPR Top Tips Poster

    Modern Slavery Poster

    Modern Slavery Poster

    Raise awareness of the risk of modern slavery in your office with our poster highlighting the red flags to look out for.

    Download Your Free Modern Slavery Poster

    GDPR Fundamental Rights Poster

    GDPR Fundamental Rights Poster

    Highlight the fundamental rights covered by GDPR to your employees with some key statistics.

    Free Fundamental GDPR Rights Poster

    Christmas Corporate Gifts Poster

    Christmas Corporate Gifts Poster

    It's tricky knowing where bribery starts and goodwill ends. Use our free poster to help your employees stay compliant.

    Download your free Christmas Corporate Gifts Poster

    GDPR know your rights

    GDPR Self Assessment Questionnaire

    Our free questionnaire will help benchmark your existing processes and identify any missing GDPR procedures and controls.

    Free GDPR Self Assessment Questionnaire



    The quest for 100% compliance

    We explore the challenges to achieving 100% compliance from engagement, embedding culture, efficiency, barriers and inclusivity.

    Download Your Free Quest for 100% Compliance eBook


    Getting to Grips With Fraud Prevention

    Understand the basics of Fraud Prevention then identify and manage the threat of fraud in your company.

    Download Your Free Fraud Prevention Guide

    Business Travel Risk Checklist

    Business Travel Risk Checklist

    Make sure you're well prepared when travelling overseas with the ultimate business travel risk checklist covering 17 key areas of risk.

    Download Your Free Business Travel Checklist


    Doing Business Without Bribery Handbook

    Benchmark your training programmes against these best practices and identify the steps that should be avoided.

    Free Doing Business Without Bribery eBook


    Anti-Bribery Training - Good Practice Guide

    A simple guide to help your employees learn anti-bribery good practices and avoid bad ones.

    Download Your Free Anti-Bribery Good Practice Guide

    How Compliant is Your Organisation?

    How Compliant is Your Organisation?

    YouGov and Skillcast research has found that confidence in compliance with new data protection rules may be misplaced.

    Download the free eBook


    Expert Insights and Videos


    Terrorist Financing - Martin Schofield

    Download now


    FCA Compliance - Ben Goh

    Download now


    FCA Compliance - Charles Meade

    Download now


    UK Equality Act - Ruth Renton

    Download now


    SMCR - Experts and Practitioners

    Download now


    Fraud Prevention - Martin Schofield

    Watch the Free Guide to Fraud Prevention


    Anti-Bribery - Robert Barrington

    Download now


    Anti-Money Laundering - Martin Schofield

    Download now