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Serious Games

Serious Games To Promote Compliance

Drive behavioural change

Catch the attention of your employees with a gamified approach to create awareness of key risks and build a culture of compliance in your organisation.

Improve knowledge retention

Help your employees to remember what they've learned in their training by using their knowledge repeatedly in a fun competition.

Improve employee assessment

Separate assessments from training and conduct them days, weeks or months later to get a better sense of the long-term impact of the training.

Create competency heat-maps

Assess compliance risks across your organisation by department, manager or area, and then deliver only targeted, relevant content.


Mobile Card Game

Our Mobile Card Game is a scenarios-based game where your employees are presented with simple propositions in a realistic context, which they can accept or reject with a single click or swipe. It's a fun way to reinforce the training that your employees receive.

This game is designed with mobile-first principles. Although it will engage users on all devices, including laptops and desktops, the layout and navigation are optimised to deliver the best experience on smartphones.

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