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    Best practice, expert opinions, industry insights, news and key trends in regulatory compliance training, digital learning, EdTech and RegTech.

    Martin Schofield

    Martin Schofield
    Martin has over two decades of experience at the front-line in compliance, financial crime prevention and data protection, along with a further decade of experience consulting, in-person training and interacting with professionals at hundreds of firms. He is a keen promoter of joined-up thinking in compliance training and management and of creating a culture that gets employees at all levels engaging with the compliance department.
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    Recent Posts

    SM&CR – The People Dimension

    SM&CR is a real opportunity to establish healthy cultures, effective governance, and greater personal responsibility. Those firms that do will build a ...

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    Six Big Compliance Challenges that UK Companies Face in 2019

    As 2019 began our conversations with compliance officers turned to what they felt would be the top compliance issues for the year ahead. The six compl...

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    The red flags that could help you spot non-compliance

    Attaining 100% compliance is an enormous task for any company. Non-compliance can manifest itself in unintentional or deliberate acts - with the latte...

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    General Data Protection Regulation – Just an EU Thing – Right?

    Unlike the 1995 Directive, the GDPR is not a Directive, guidance or best practice. It did not need adaptation and transposition into member state law,...

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    GDPR & Management of Vulnerable Customers

    With GDPR, comes a widening in scope of what constitutes personal data and a reclassification of sensitive data, to special categories of personal dat...

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    Personal Data Under GDPR - A Whole New World?

    What constitutes personal data under GDPR? With GDPR, comes a widening in scope of what constitutes personal data. Historically, we have taken persona...

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    GDPR – New Fines – New Approach to Data Retention?

    It has long been accepted that data protection, has by and large been a poor relation in the world of compliance, and in particular never been a good ...

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    GDPR – Age of Consent – No Longer Child’s Play

    GDPR brought with it new rules to better protect personal data. Not only to protect adults privacy, but also to guard children against exploitation. S...

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    GDPR – No more Data Subject Access Request Fees!

    Under GDPR, Article 12 (5), a response to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) must now be provided free of charge, unless the request is deemed to be...

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