Delivering Multi-tenanted LMS for an International Bank

Posted by

Simon Truckle

on 17 May 2021

When a major Italian banking group needed to roll out training across 24 entities and 165,000 staff they chose Skillcast as their trusted partner.

Delivering Multi-tenanted LMS

Several years ago, an aggressive acquisition strategy had resulted in this internationally renowned group bringing together 24 banks across Europe.

Each had its own technology, culture and approach to compliance.

That created a need to centralise training content then disseminate it to each separate entity across 165,000 employees.


Company-wide delivery in 3 months

The group chose the Skillcast Learning Management system as its default host for its training, from which courses were rolled out to the different entities.

  • At its peak, Skillcast was running 78 different sub-portals.
  • Within three months of a requirement stipulated by the regulator to train the whole operation in Market Abuse, Skillcast had designed, created, translated into 18 languages, and then localised each version.
  • There were 96 versions of one course, fully tailored to each jurisdiction, to reflect critical local risks and satisfy the regulator.

Better outcomes & no breaches

banking-compliance-academy-2-1The programme was the first group-wide initiative of branding and consistent messaging, creating an intrinsic understanding of shared goals.

  • Completion rates from 0% to 94% in six months
  • Potential regulatory action was averted

Client feedback

Skillcast remains their trusted partner, with now 100% completions being the mark of success.

"The learning outcome was so critical, I couldn’t trust anyone else".

Scott Morris, SVP Global Compliance

Our long-term partnership

We delivered innovative, highly engaging bespoke compliance learning solutions, creating over 60 versions to cater for each entity and any region-specific needs.

The fully managed translation process was done with care across 14 languages for each solution we created.

Our client also had the advantage of accessing Skillcast off-the-shelf library products, which were customised to fit their needs best.

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