Innovative Solutions to Learning Challenges

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Simon Truckle

on 24 Jan 2024

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. We examine if e-learning is keeping up and explore innovative solutions to learning challenges.

innovative solutions

During our recent webinar, we looked at how technology can be leveraged to improve compliance. As much as we are adapting to changes in technology in our personal lives, it is evident similar adaption is needed in e-learning. The way compliance learning is conducted can't be the same as it was 20 years ago.

Adapting to Learning Challenges Webinar


With technology moving at an increasing pace, we need to innovate to meet and overcome new challenges constantly. While this brings elements of risk, it also brings great new opportunities. We aim to investigate these opportunities and uncover solutions that can improve compliance learning.

During the webinar and at our annual summit, we asked our audience how they would describe current mandatory training. It was interesting to see words such as repetitive, generic and boring come up.

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Discussion points

In the webinar, explored ways to adapt to learning challenges and discover methods of keeping pace with advancing technology.

  • The rapid evolution of technology: is compliance learning matching the speed at which technology is advancing? As our personal use of technology has evolved with time, there is room for innovation in e-learning.
  • Shifting from annual mandatory courses: what does a new approach to compliance training look like? How can this resolve the challenges of making a topic that needs to be tackled regularly engaging? This involves moving away from the rinse-and-repeat model.
  • Exploring innovative technology in mandatory compliance learning: identifying the process that works for staff according to the company, their individual roles and responsibilities.

2024 Annual Benchmarking Report

Lessons from Dr Martens' case study

The key lessons from Dr  Martens' success story include:

  • Personalising the training curriculum can ensure the most optimal use of an employee's time
  • Reflecting the company brand in training content and ensuring relevance according to roles and responsibilities help to engage staff
  • Creating a diagnostic quiz can help to identify training that is needed throughout the year
  • Assigning training automatically to individuals who struggle with a particular topic helps to focus compliance learning
  • Identifying knowledge gaps through pre-assessments and setting up specific learning paths helps to address individual needs 

Dr Martens Compliance Success Webinar

Key takeaways

Some of the main takeaway points focus on improving the learning experience for individuals. The takeaways include the following:

  • Mandatory 25-minute courses are not essential; there are innovative ways of ensuring better engagement with compliance learning
  • Short, engaging videos are a useful way of effectively conveying a message while engaging staff
  • Pre-assessments can save time and money as a fast track to shorter training courses acknowledges an individual's experience and values their time
  • Adaptive learning provides staff with the information they need - similar to fast track, this innovative way of learning saves on the opportunity cost
  • Role-based training caters to the individual depending on their responsibilities to ensure that it is relevant, which improves engagement
  • Question of the day is another innovative way of identifying knowledge gaps and addressing these with targetted content
  • Maintaining engagement by embedding content wherever it is useful throughout a digital environment helps with learning at the point of need
  • These innovative methodologies allow for a change in e-learning - to help improve staff engagement and shape a company's compliance success, mandatory full-course training only needs to be offered at induction or when launching a theme

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