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Aviva and Skillcast collaborate for single essentials learning course

Essentials learning



Aviva requires all employees to complete learning modules in nine essential learning topics every year in order to comply with regulations and manage legal and reputation risks. The process time and administration overhead involved in delivering these modules was estimated to be equivalent to 200 full-time employees (a cost of approximately £7.75 million per year).


The Aviva L&D team partnered with Inmarkets to develop a single essentials learning module. The module used adaptive logic to allow employees who could demonstrate their understanding of certain topics to skip the related learning material. This assessment-focused approach, combined with a consistent user interface and concise learning content, has resulted in a significant reduction in the overall process time for essential learning. Consolidating nine modules into a single activity has simplified audience management and reporting, resulting in administrative savings.

  • Authoring tool: Skillcast Author
  • Learning Management System: Oracle OLM
  • Integration: SCORM 1.2
  • Hosting: Content deployed on client LMS (OLM)
  • Reporting: Standard OLM reports plus Inmarkets tools for detailed analysis of training records

Projected cost savings of over £6 million per year; increased employee engagement.

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