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    Best practice, expert opinions, industry insights, news and key trends in regulatory compliance training, digital learning, EdTech and RegTech.

    10 Ways to Reduce Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

    Unconscious bias may lead to certain groups being treated less favourably or discriminated against. To help, we have 10 tips on how to reduce bias in ...

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    The 12 Most Notorious UK Discrimination Cases

    Discrimination takes many forms, from gender or age to well-intentioned or just downright malicious. Here we examine some of the most serious and high...

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    7 Tips to Promote Equality & End Workplace Discrimination

    Workplace discrimination remains a major concern for UK businesses. To help, we have produced 7 tips to help you promote equality in your organisation...

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    How One Man Exposed Workplace Harassment Policy Weaknesses

    Harvey Weinstein. Chances are you've never met him, you've never worked for him, and you probably never will. But he could cause more trouble for your...

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    4 recommendations to boost gender equality in financial services

    The City of London knows that despite improvements, it still needs to do more to promote equality and diversity. Not just because of legislation, but ...

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    How to Stop Workplace Harassment

    Harvey Weinstein's much publicised abuse of power highlights that harassment continues to pervade our society and notably our workplaces.

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    8 Tips for Gender Pay Gap Reporting Compliance

    New regulations to tackle gender pay equality have come into force, threatening reputational fall-out for firms which don't do enough to commit to gen...

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    7 Ways to Tackle Aggression and Violence at Work

    Aggression and violence are everyday realities for some people at work.

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    5 tips to avoid claims of unfair dismissal

    An employee who refused to work overtime to help fulfil customer orders in the run-up to Christmas and complained about working extra hours lost her E...

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