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    7 Tips to Promote Equality & End Workplace Discrimination

    Workplace discrimination remains a major concern for UK businesses. To help, we have produced 7 tips to help you promote equality in your organisation...

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    The Risk Perception and Employee Misconduct Gap

    A recent Skillcast survey has highlighted the significant gap between the incidence of misconduct observed by employees at UK firms, and the risk perc...

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    How One Man Can Expose Workplace Harassment Policy Weaknesses

    Harvey Weinstein. Chances are you've never met him, you've never worked for him, and you probably never will. But he could cause more trouble for your...

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    4 recommendations to boost gender equality in financial services

    According to a report by the HM Treasury on Women in Finance, the City needs to do more to promote equality and diversity. The report revealed that:

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    How to put a stop to workplace harassment

    Weinstein's abuse of power illustrates why workplace harassment remains prevalent in today's society It's a sad reality that harassment in the workpla...

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    10 things you should do to tackle unconscious bias in your firm

    When we meet people for the first time, we often make quick assessments based on what we see (their age, body weight, attractiveness) and even on some...

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    8 tips to help you prepare for new gender pay gap reporting rules

    New regulations to tackle gender pay equality have come into force, threatening reputational fall-out for firms which don't do enough to commit to gen...

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    7 Ways to Tackle Aggression and Violence at Work

    Aggression and violence are everyday realities for some people at work.

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    5 tips to avoid claims of unfair dismissal

     An employee who refused to work overtime to help fulfil customer orders in the run-up to Christmas and complained about working extra hours has lost ...

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