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Christmas Compliance Challenge

Help Santa & Co stay on the regulator's good list

Santa & Co are facing 12 compliance dilemmas in the workshop. Their team needs your help to identify potential compliance issues and provide advice on compliance best practice.

You'll see how effective games are at delivering learner engagement, actionable insights and better learning outcomes.

10 lucky winners get a Compliance Challenge Hoodie (see below) and 25 runners-up a Compliance Challenge t-shirt. 

The challenge ends on Friday 11th December 2020.

Play the 12 Days of Christmas

Skillcast Christmas Compliance Challenge

How to play the game

1,000+ compliance and learning professionals took our challenge last year! 

  • This game works on all mobile and desktop devices.
  • Behind each door is a question relating to a potential compliance issue.
  • Select an answer, then decide if you're confident in it. Gain more points for confident and correct answers and lose more if confident and incorrect.
  • You have three lives, allowing you to submit multiple entries and only your best score counts.
  • If you want to win a prize, ensure you use a valid email address to launch the game - it is too late after you've started.
  • All game data will be deleted after the challenge closes.
Christmas Compliance Challenge Prize

Terms of Use

  • The 2020 competition runs from  Tuesday 1st December to Friday 11th of December 2020.
  • This Christmas Compliance Game 2020 (the "game") is open to all (except Skillcast employees and consultants).
  • Entries are submitted by completing the game.
  • Players can submit multiple game entries, but only the best one will be considered.
  • Players are not permitted to submit multiple entries using different names, email addresses or aliases.
  • Players are not to collaborate with other contestants - any signs of collaboration will result in disqualification of all the contestants involved.
  • Any unclaimed prizes will be distributed to the next best entries.
  • The game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy - it is open to all and not intended to exert any improper influence.
  • Skillcast has/will exercise no influence over the outcome of the Game and no discretion over the award of the prizes.
  • Skillcast will not share your performance in the game or process it for any purpose other than the running of the game, and compilation of aggregate results.
  • Skillcast reserves all rights, including IPR, to the game - it may vary the terms of the Game at any time or end it at its sole discretion.

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