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    How Much Does Bespoke Digital Training Cost?

    Like anything that's made to measure, the answer has to be 'it depends'. Specifically, the cost of bespoke content development depends on five simple factors:

    1. Your content/input

    We’re as flexible as you need us to be when creating your course. You could give us your policy documents or raw notes and we can create the content entirely ourselves, or you can give us the course-ready text that we could use to start building the course without any changes.

    2. What you'd like your course to look and feel like

    This usually has a larger impact than the inputs - we offer a standard build to help fix the prices for most of our clients, but for some clients that have very specific ideas, we build courses to an exactingly high standard.

    3. The duration of your course

    This is an obvious one, but remember that the price does not scale linearly with duration - a 40-minute course doesn't cost twice as much as a 20-minute course.

    4. Innovative add-ons

    These include pre-testing, gamification, branching and adaptive learning, and are individually priced and itemised in the cost that we provide to you.

    5. Your review process

    It's normal in bespoke projects to undertake alpha, beta and gold review cycles. However, sometimes things don't go to plan or you have lots of stakeholder feedback. Every additional review adds approximately 5-10% of the overall project price, depending on the stage of the review and the propensity of your reviewers to redraft what was previously agreed.

    No two bespoke projects are the same, but we strongly believe in taking the mystery out of bespoke pricing. Hence, we've provided several illustrative pricing examples below. These are for a standard-length 30-minute course with three rounds of reviews. We start with the simplest example - an OTS course that we bespoke for you - and progressively work towards higher-end projects.

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    Key Benefits





    Your Brand/Style

    Your Brand/Style

    Fixed Cost

    Fixed Cost

    SCORM Compliance

    SCORM Compliance

    ISO9001 Build Process

    ISO9001 Build Process

    Process Governance

    Process Governance

    Learner Engagement

    Learner Engagement

    Customised Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Content

    We are compliance e-learning specialists and offer hundreds of courses on key compliance topics on a subscription basis. However, we recognise every single client is different, so we give you a solution to fit your precise needs and the freedom to purchase a bespoked version of any of our OTS content. Our best-selling corporate compliance training package, Skillcast Essentials, offers a wide range of full and micro courses, so if you're looking for compliance training, we may have the content for you already. Browse our OTS course libraries now. 

    Visit our OTS Course Library

    Of course, our OTS content is generic, but like a good Savile Row tailor, we will work with you to bespoke it completely to your satisfaction. We've done it for some of our most demanding clients, including top FTSE 100 firms.

    The cost varies between £12,000 and £15,000 depending on the amount of bespoking you require us to do.

    If you find that the content of our OTS course, say on Bribery or the GDPR, largely matches your needs, then this approach has substantial advantages for you:

    • You'll find the training initiative a lot easier to get started and a lot quicker to get out to your audience - a critical factor if the training is meant for remediation or to reduce the risk of regulatory breaches
    • Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will love you for giving them a course that they can mark up, rather than having to write new text from scratch. You'll be amazed how much more approachable they become!
    • You'll save a lot of money on your side in terms of your own time and that of your SMEs
    • You'll have more certainty/confidence from the outset about what the end product will be like

    Bespoke Level 1

    The Simple Solution

    Need: You need to convert legacy content, eg a Flash-based course or a training PowerPoint, into a responsive, accessible HTML5 digital learning module

    Client Input: Training PowerPoint, PDF or a course built in Flash, Articulate, Lectora or another legacy format

    Solution: We offer a rapid content development service, whereby we can have your course ready for review within a week. The course is based on the text you've provided to us. We will reuse existing images or refresh/remake them if required. We will reproduce any scenarios, exercises, interactivity and assessment in the content that you've provided to us. We will also include any existing videos that you provide at no extra charge (an extra charge will apply if we are required to create new video content).

    Cost: £6,000

    Bespoke Level 2

    The Classic Build

    Need: You need an engaging course to create awareness and improve staff compliance in relation to a legal/regulatory requirement or internal standard

    Client Input: Course content with further inputs from internal SMEs

    Solution: Our classic build bespoke module is perfect for delivering an engaging compliance training experience for your staff. This is the same build quality that we offer in our flagship off-the-shelf courses, such as AML/CTF, Anti-Bribery and GDPR. We will create a storyboard based on the materials that you've provided to us and any further guidance we receive. After obtaining your review and approval, we will turn this storyboard into an interactive learning experience using our standard SHARD5 (SHared Accessible Responsive Design) templates. The course will be rich in scenario-based interactions that add relevancy and improve acceptance, retention and compliance. We will also add a 10-question post-course assessment (with randomised questions) to evidence the training internally and to external auditors and regulators.

    Cost: £15,000

    Bespoke Level 3

    The Custom Learning Experience

    Need: You need to deliver an enhanced learning experience to your staff to embed a change initiative or regulatory requirement, and generate a buzz in your organisation

    Client Input: Policies, internal presentations, regulatory documents, risk findings and news stories, with inputs from internal and external SMEs

    Solution: We will build a custom learning experience that is built to exacting standards and incorporates Learning 3.0 innovations to adapt to your learners, get their buy-in and obtain the staff behavioural change that you need. These could include:

    • A pre-course game to engage and assess users
    • Training content that adapts to the competence level of each employee
    • Non-linear/branching pathways that enable each employee to personalise the training to their style and need
    • Immersive learn-by-doing scenarios, where the learner deals with complex and difficult situations aided by a virtual mentor
    • Interactive videos to create an emotional bond while intellectually challenging the learner
    • Enhanced review process to ensure that every word and image is just right to satisfy your SMEs and C-level stakeholders

    Cost: starting at £18,000 and upwards of £100,000 for the most sophisticated courses

    No two projects are the same

    As we've said already, no two bespoke projects are the same - not even from the same client. The above examples were meant to demystify the pricing. If you have a project that is somewhat, or completely, different to the ones described above, we'd be happy to speak with you and offer you best advice based on our experience of working for hundreds of companies in all sectors of the economy.

    Whatever your needs, we will advise you on what options we can offer based on your particular requirements - with clear pricing indications just like we've done in the examples above. Select the button below to set up a free initial consultation at a time that suits you.

    Every Skillcast Client Gets:

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Dedicated Project Manager

    We will assign you an experienced consultant, who will develop a deep understanding of your needs and manage all aspects of your content production, including organising reviews by your SMEs.

    Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    All content that we produce will display and function perfectly on all devices and form factors, including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.



    All content that we produce will conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA standards, and be fully accessible via keyboard and screen readers.

    Central Stylesheet

    Central Stylesheet

    We will create and maintain a centralised, cascading style sheet to enforce your corporate branding and style guidelines in your courses - enabling you to update the design of all your content from this single source.

    Multilingual Delivery

    Multilingual Delivery

    All content that we produce is set up for easy translation and for delivering multiple language versions in a single SCORM package to simplify multilingual content tracking.



    In addition to standard tracking and scoring, your courses will obtain and record attestations from all your employees to evidence that they understand and accept their responsibility to comply.

    Book a Free Consultation To Discuss Your Needs

    Looking to discuss your needs for digital training that will deliver your compliance initiative? Arrange a meeting with our consultants at a time to suit you.

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    Total Cost of Digital Training

    While we've tried to answer the question of what you would pay Skillcast for bespoke content development, that is only a small part of the total cost of your training initiative, which looks like the pyramid below.


    So, depending on the size of your organisation, the cost of your employees' time far outweighs what you pay for developing the training. Still, you are probably working with limited budgets, so our advice is to choose your battles well.

    If the training is specific to a small group of employees, go for something like our Bespoke Level 1 experience. If it's your annual refresher training, consider using our OTS courses, which you can customise.

    However, if it is a key regulatory imperative for your company, go for a tailor-made learning experience that will inspire your employees to act with integrity and compliance. A good course costing a few tens of thousands may save you millions in fines and remedial actions.