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The Skillcast LMS

The Skillcast LMS helps companies manage the complexity and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance, by delivering mandatory and optional training, CPD, instructor-led training, policy hub, attestations, compliance registers and much more on a single, managed platform.

Learning Management System

The Skillcast LMS if a fully featured learning management system for building and delivering all your digital training content. Its offers 1-click access to e-learning courses, robust reporting, complete tailoring and branding, and options for HR data integration, single sign-on, and more.

Built for Compliance

We built the Skillcast LMS specifically to deliver and track mandatory e-learning programmes at companies, with features such as:

  • Full corporate branding
  • Data feeds for synchronising employee records with HR system
  • Dynamic course assignments based on job role
  • Automated chase ups
  • Powerful management reports
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Managed SaaS

The Skillcast LMS provided to you as a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) with an  exceptional level of customer service. The level of service that we provide far surpasses anything you will experience with other e-learning vendors. You'll be pleasantly surprised how smoothly and efficiently you can run your training programmes with our expertise.

We assign a dedicated Service Manager from our Global Client Service (GCS) team to each client as your single, permanent point of contact. Your Service Manager will act as your trusted partner in ensuring the success of your learning and strategic communication initiatives. 


Management Information (MI) Reports

MI reports are essential for managing your compliance programme effectively and for evidencing the training to internal and external auditors and regulators. Since Skillcast is designed specifically for compliance training, it provides every type of report that you might need to fulfil both of these objectives.

The Benefits

User Friendly layout

User Friendly layout

Each employee sees a clean, personalised user interface with 1-click access to their learning assignments. Administrators have an intuitive layout to manage users.

Supports Compliance

Supports Compliance

The Skillcast LMS provides unparalleled support for compliance training initiatives, with robust tracking, bookmarking, comprehensive MI reporting, onboarding of new starters via data feeds, and automated emails chaseup. Compliance managers can assign learning content on an ad-hoc basis or as an annual training plan based on job roles

Off-the-shelf Content

Off-the-shelf Content

Alongside the LMS, Skillcast offers the widest selection of compliance e-learning courses in the UK. These offer a quick and cost-effective route for covering your compliance training needs. All the courses get automatically branded with your corporate look and feel, and you can make further edits very easily and at no cost.

Social learning

Social learning

Administrators can start blogs, moderated discussion forums and surveys. Employees can bookmark and rate content, interact in discussion forums and contribute content.

E-learning Standards

E-learning Standards

The Skillcast LMS fully supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC e-learning standards for delivering all bespoke or third part courses that also comply with these standards. It also supports Remote AICC for Content as a Service (CaaS).



You can roll out sophisticated competency assessments, including SSBA (structured scenario based assessments), and you can fully customise the implementation with pass marks, maximum attempts, time limits, cooling-off periods, and re-certification on a periodic basis.

MI Reporting

MI Reporting

Your Service Manager can create pre-defined reports using one of the dozens of best practice report templates or using ad-hoc filters that you request. These reports can be assigned to managers or compliance officers for 1-click instant access to all the information that they need.

Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic Reports

The diagnostic reporting functionality of the Skillcast LMS goes far beyond the usual MI reporting found in other LMSs. You can access the competency map of your whole organisation, drill down to departments and individuals to identify and deal with any knowledge gaps.

Learning Journey

Learning Journey

Employees can see full records of their full learning journey, and can download and print completion certificates with unique IDs for their personal records.



The Skillcast LMS supports scores of languages. Administrators can set default language preference based on location, but employees can change the language preference at any time too. Any language not already supported can be added on demand.



Your Service Manager can help you create multiple domains in your LMS installation with different branding and different permissions for various subsidiaries, joint venture partners or other entities that you which to share your content with.



The Skillcast LMS can be extended with add-ons for instructor-led training, continuing professional development (CPD) tracking, policy hub and various RegTech tools such as gifts and hospitality register and DSE training and assessment.

Security and Business Continuity

Our technology infrastructure is designed to be fault tolerant with multiple/redundant processors, storage, connectivity and even power supplies. For instance, if there was a power outage or if an internet failure on one line, our systems would instantaneously switch over to a redundant line to provide you uninterrupted service.

The Skillcast servers are located at highly secure facilities in London and Newbury that feature multiple layers of security and protection from fire, earthquakes etc. Online access security is provided by Cisco firewalls. We maintain a remote Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) where all the data from the primary datacenter is being mirrored in real time. The DRS effectively has the same infrastructure as our primary datacenter. So in case of a calamity at the primary datacenter, the DRS can ensure the continuity of our services.


Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard certification is based on third-party verification of our systems, policies and procedures. It gives our clients confidence in our ability to manage the security and integrity of their information

Milan Duchovny, Head of IT Infrastructure, Skillcast



Our Information Security Management System is paramount to our ability to serve our clients. All our process and datacenters comply with the ISO 27001, which is the gold standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It includes standards for security policies, organisational security, asset classification and control, personnel security, physical and environmental security, systems and network security, access controls, systems development and maintenance, business continuity management, and compliance. Achieving this certification demonstrates our commitment for ensuring the safety, security and integrity of our clients' vital information that goes beyond the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Directive.

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Gifts & Hospitality Register (GHR)

Create an audit trail of all gifts and hospitality given and received by employees across your organisation with this add-on to the Skillcast LMS. 

Control your Bribery and COI Risks with GHR

It is critical for businesses to have a robust process for gifts, hospitality and travel expenses to manage bribery and conflicts of interest (COI) risks. Our Gifts and Hospitality Register makes this process simpler and more robust. It enables you to:

  • Record gifts and hospitality across your business
  • Streamline the approvals workflow
  • Flag up potential issues and suspicious activity
control your bribery and COI risks

Since the GHR is an add-on to the Skillcast LMS, it can be deployed practically instantaneously. It is managed by your dedicated service manager and fully customised to exactly match your policies, organisational structure and escalation and compliance procedures.

It gives employees easy access to enter requests to give or receive gifts and hospitality. These can be auto-approved based on the parameters you have provided, or escalated to the relevant manager to approve or reject.

The GHR provides an audit trail of all gifts and hospitality given and received by employees across your organisation. It can also flag up potential issues such as multiple gifts or hospitality items were given to a single recipient and any unusual or suspicious patterns of activity.

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integrated with fully-managed compliance portal

Policy Hub

Add a Policy Hub to your Skillcast LMS to manage, deliver and obtain affirmations to all your critical policies from your employees.

Complete Policy Management Solution

Our Policy Hub solution is a compliance app on the Skillcast Learning Management System (LMS) that gives you a complete, cost-effective policy management solution. It enables you to create, update, approve, communicate and seek attestation for your corporate policies - thus helping you to demonstrate your compliance with laws and regulations, such as the Bribery Act, Money Laundering Regulations, General Data Protection Regulations and various sector-specific regulations.
With the Policy Hub you can:

  • Manage all your policies, procedures and guidelines from one location
  • Leverage off your digital learning portal
  • Reduce your cost of compliance
complete policy management solution

Integrated with the Compliance Portal

The Policy Management Console allows you to add or edit policies by simply uploading the document. There is an option to upload different language versions as well. You can optionally require your staff to complete an attestation for the policy.

The Policy Hub leverages the functionality of the fully-managed Skillcast LMS, including up to date employee data, assignments, communications and chase up, MI reporting and administration by your dedicated Service Manager.

Administrators can generate 1-click reports of the policies that employees have read and attested to, and analyse the data at the global, departmental, and individual levels.

Team managers can be set up with reports showing team members who have not completed their training or failed to attest to the required policies.

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integrated with compliance portal

Display Screen Equipment Assessment

Cut down the costs and logistics of DSE appraisals with the DSE Assessment add-on to your Skillcast LMS.

Conduct DSE Assessments Online

All employers in the UK have a legal obligation to provide Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training and assessment for all employees who use computers regularly at work. This training and assessment is also important for the wellbeing of your employees, as the incorrect use of DSE can result in musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries. Skillcast offers an effective online solution for your staff to conduct these assessments themselves.

Display Screen Equipment Assessment
Display Screen Equipment Assessment

The Skillcast DSE Assessment Tool enables you to:

  • Comply with the DSE Regulations
  • Help your staff to identify issues and deal with them
  • Spot the trends and areas of concern for your organisation

As the DSE Assessment Tool is an add-on to our LMS, you can combine it with digital training on DSE and ask your employees to attest that they understand correct use of their DSE workstation before they use the DSE Assessment Tool. The tool then alerts the relevant manager about any issues that the employees have reported and enables them to review, comment, and close the issues after resolving them.

Thus you can provide DSE training and assessment to your employees on more timely basis and avoid logistics of scheduling DSE assessments. You can also identify issues being flagged up by multiple employees and take proactive action to prevent them becoming more widespread.

Compliance Compass

Assess your organisation's compliance readiness on everything from the GDPR to Business Continuity Management with the Compliance Compass add-on to your Skillcast LMS. 

Compliance Compass

The Compass is a Skillcast LMS add-on that helps you to survey your front-line managers, key decision makers and customer-facing staff to map your organisation's readiness on key compliance issues such as GDPR, BCM, financial crime.

Compliance Compass
Compliance Compass

This add-on enables you to select and assign front-line managers and other key staff individually or based on rules, and ask them to rate and comment on critical measures that you have implemented concerning the compliance issue that you are testing. With this, it builds a snapshot of your overall readiness, and uncovers critical risks and gaps that you need to address.

Compliance Navigator

This just-in-time learning add-on to the Skillcast LMS provides practical answers to your employee's questions and promotes further learning.

Compliance Navigator

Support your employees in making the right decisions concerning personal data by providing them with the Compliance Navigator. This is a just-in-time learning app with short answers to hundreds of questions with links to further learning. 

Compliance Navigator
Compliance Navigator

Employees can ask a question - any question - in relation to the chosen topic and immediately get the exact answer. The answers can be fully customised to your business, so that they reference your policies, procedures and controls. They can also feature links to more in-depth digital training that you have sourced from Skillcast or other providers.

Serious Games to Promote Compliance

Reinforce the training your employees receive with serious games - which can be delivered and tracked on any SCORM-compatible LMS like any e-learning module.

Serious Games to Promote Compliance


Catch the attention of your employees with a gamified approach to create awareness of key risks and build a culture of compliance in your organisation.


Help your employees to remember what they've learned in their training by using their knowledge repeatedly in a fun competition.


Separate assessments from training and conduct them days, weeks or months later to get a better sense of the long-term impact of the training.


Assess compliance risks across your organisation by department, manager or area, and then deliver only targeted, relevant content.

serious games to promote compliance

Mobile Card Game

Our Mobile Card Game is a scenarios-based game where your employees are presented with simple propositions in a realistic context, which they can accept or reject with a single click or swipe. It's a fun way to reinforce the training that your employees receive.

This game is designed with mobile-first principles. Although it will engage users on all devices, including laptops and desktops, the layout and navigation are optimised to deliver the best experience on smartphones.

mobile card game