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  • doing business with integrity

    Essentials: Doing Business With Integrity

doing business with integrity

Customers, suppliers and shareholders all carry with them high standards and expectations when it comes to businesses doing the right thing and acting with honesty and integrity. Complying with ethical standards will ensure that the decisions your company makes will be the best outcome for everybody involved.

This module is designed to raise your awareness and understanding of business ethics and integrity. It will take you 45 minutes to complete.

Learning Objectives
  • What do ethics and integrity mean in business and what do they mean for our Company?
  • Recognise the importance of the Code of Ethics for our Company
  • Outline common ethical dilemmas and issues within an organisation
  • Recognise how ethical practice and principles are captured within our Company
Course contents
  1. What are ethics?
  2. Morality, ethics and integrity
  3. Terms
  4. Ethics in business
  5. Why do you think ethics is good for business?
  6. What do our stakeholders think of us?
  7. Code of Ethics
  8. Why are the Code of Ethics so important?
  9. Exercise: Why are the Code of Ethics so important?
  10. What Ethics means for our Company
  11. Relations
  12. Ethical decision making
  13. How do you know what direction to take?
  14. Recognising warning signs
  15. Four steps towards acting with integrity
  16. The gift
  17. The trainee
  18. The tender
  19. Our good name
  20. The interview
  21. The bonus - I
  22. The bonus - II
  23. An unwelcome encounter - I
  24. An unwelcome encounter - II
  25. Effluent problem
  26. Safety first
  27. A personal problem
  28. Quality counts
  29. Selling right
  30. Obliged to help
  31. Restructuring
  32. The late payment
  33. Speaking up
  34. Summary
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