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GDPR Compass - GDPR Readiness Map


Assess your GDPR readiness

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is too complex to simply put a strategy in place and forget about it. People, the data gathered and cyber-attacks continually offer a moving landscape for GDPR compliance. To address this, you need to reach out to your key employees - not just the senior managers at the top but also the most junior managers - who have the knowledge about how well your technical and organisational measures are working.

The GDPR Compass is a compliance app that helps you to tap into your people's knowledge of GDPR-related procedures and control measures. It works by sending all your managers and other key employees an assessment (based on the UK ICO's Data Protection Assurance Checklists) in which they are asked to rate and comment on critical measures that you have implemented in relation to consent, security, individual rights, data transfers, breach notification etc. They are also asked to rate themselves, as well as their peers and colleagues, on their readiness.

The results are collated to build a snapshot of your overall GDPR readiness and uncover key risks and gaps, which you can then address with training or other technical and organisational measures.


Integrated with fully managed compliance portal

The GDPR Compass leverages the functionality of the fully managed Skillcast LMS, including up-to-date employee data, assignments, communications, chase-ups, and MI reporting by department and location. All user and LMS administration is taken care of by your dedicated Service Manager.

The default assessment in the GDPR Compass is based on the Data Protection Assurance Checklists UK Information Commissioner's Office. But you can customise the assessments to match your business operations and policies exactly.

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