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Numeracy Challenge


Numeracy is a serious issue, but that doesn't mean that we can't have some fun, so we've organised a Numeracy Challenge to celebrate National Numeracy Day this year.

The Numeracy Challenge is a speed game that tests your numeracy skills. Everyone is welcome to play, but since we're promoting adult numeracy in the UK, we'll send prize T-shirts to the top 20 players on 15 May 2019 who are UK residents and over 18 years of age. These prize T-shirts are unique and not available from any commercial outlet! We'll send them to the winners absolutely free of charge (see full terms of use below).

Select the button below. Take the Challenge. Win the T-shirt. Good luck!

Note: you can still access the Numeracy Challenge but the deadline for winning the T-shirt has passed. You are still welcome to play the game but we recommend that if you choose an alias in the game, you don't use your real name or email.

Take the Numeracy Challenge
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  1. Select the button above to launch the Numeracy Challenge (the 'Game').
  2. You can access this Game on all mobile and desktop devices.
  3. Each player receives five tickets, which are good for five gameplays - ie you get five attempts.
  4. In each gameplay, you'll need to respond to six questions that test your numeracy skills.
  5. The response choices are binary, eg NO/YES - on mobiles you can make these choices by flicking the question to left or right.
  6. If you make the right call, you'll pick up the points on the clock; otherwise, you'll lose half the points left on the clock and lose a life.
  7. In each gameplay, you have three lives - if you lose them all, it is game over.
  8. For each response, you can place a bet for 20% of the points on the clock if you're confident or pass if you're not confident.
  9. After you've played, you can choose an alias and provide your email address. Enter your email only if you've achieved a high score and want to be contacted about the prize. If you provide your email, we will protect it as noted in the Terms of Use below.
  10. If you're among the top 20 players on the leaderboard at midnight on 15 May 2019 in the UK, we'll contact you via the email address that you've provided in the Game to send you the limited-edition prize T-shirt.



By playing the Skillcast Numeracy Challenge (the 'Game'), you agree to the following terms of use:

  1. The Game is open to all, except Skillcast employees and consultants.
  2. In relation to your personal data, which includes the email that you optionally provide in the Game, Skillcast will:
    1. Not use it to send you any communication other than contacting you for the prize (if you are eligible for it)
    2. Not share it with any third party
    3. Not process it for any purpose other than the Game
    4. Promptly delete it after the Game ends
  3. You consent to be contacted by Skillcast in relation to the prize T-shirt, if you are eligible. You have the right to withdraw this consent by emailing us on enquiries@skillcast.com 
  4. The Game will end at midnight in the UK on 15 May 2019.
  5. The offer of National Numeracy T-shirts is limited to UK residents over 18 years of age, who are among the top 20 on the leaderboard when the Game ends. If any of the top 20 players are deemed ineligible or fail to claim the prize, it will pass to the next-highest-ranking-player who is eligible. 
  6. Skillcast will be in touch with the winners shortly after the close of the Game to confirm their age and obtain the address to which their T-shirt should be posted. The T-shirts can be sent only to UK addresses. Skillcast may deny the award and ban a player in the case of suspected misuse.
  7. Skillcast has no influence on the outcome of the Game or the leaderboard.
  8. The Game complies with Skillcast's Anti-Bribery Policy. The award is of nominal value (costing less than £25) and not intended to exert any improper influence.
  9. Skillcast reserves all rights to publish aggregate results of the Game without identifying any individual.
  10. Skillcast reserves all rights to the Game - it may vary the terms of the Game at any time at its sole discretion.