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    Raise Awareness of Risk Management in Your Organisation

    Train your managers and staff to be more risk-aware, with an understanding of the Fundamentals of Risk Management.

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    Show Employees How Risk Management is Embedded in Your Business

    Customise examples and exercises in the courses to explain how risk management is being practised in your company.

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    Get Your Employees to Buy-in to Your Risk Management Programme 

    Clarify your employees' role in your risk management programme and obtain their affirmation to perform this role.


Leading companies are taking a unified approach to risk management and that starts with training staff to appreciate the fundamentals and practice of risk management and how it applies to various risks ranging from financial crime and fraud to health and safety.

Skillcast Risk is a library of over a dozen e-learning courses for training your managers and all employees on the Fundamentals of Risk Management, and its practical implementation to address various business risks.

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Skillcast Risk Course List
  1. Fundamentals of Risk Management 1 - What is Risk?
  2. Fundamentals of Risk Management 2 - Purpose of Risk Management
  3. Fundamentals of Risk Management 3 - Identification of Risk
  4. Fundamentals of Risk Management 4 - Assessment of Risk
  5. Fundamentals of Risk Management 5 - Management of Risk
  6. Business Continuity Management
  7. Business Travel Security
  8. CyberSecurity iExpress
  9. Managing Credit Risk
  10. Managing Health and Safety Risk
  11. Managing Physical Security Risk
  12. Operational Risk

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