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    Skillcast Breakfast Briefing: SM&CR

    Published on 06 Sep 2019 by Catriona Razic

    Skillcast hosted a special networking breakfast at The Gherkin in London on Tuesday 24th September to present tools for meeting SM&CR training, attestation, certification and record-keeping requirements. It brought together banking and insurance firms, which are already in scope and solo-regulated firms, which will come into scope in December 2019.

    SM&CR best practices and risks

    The focus of the event was on the best practices and practical steps that banking and insurance firms are taking to manage SM&CR risks, and that solo-regulated firms need to be aware of as they enter the implementation period. It provide the opportunity to network with experienced practitioners at other firms, and to find out about the new Skillcast compliance portal for managing SM&CR training and RegTech registers for managing senior managers, certified persons, responsibilities maps, regulatory references, breaches etc.

    SM&CR training roadmap

    Catriona Razic, CCO at Skillcast, outlined a three-step training plan for creating deep understanding and compliance at all levels of staff to a full house at the iconic Gherkin in the City of London.

    Tips and Traps from an FCA enforcement perspective

    Sarah Wallace, Partner at Constantine Law provided advice on how to guide your senior team through potential problems with care, specifically focusing on activities around FCA enforcement.

    SMCR Breakfast Briefing Full House

    Introducing SMCR 360®

    Clare King, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Skillcast, explained how our SMCR 360 ® application can help you manage your senior manager assignments, responsibilities mapping, certification, regulatory references, breach reporting, policy attestation, compliance training/CPD and gifts and hospitality on a single, integrated platform that leaves no compliance gaps.

    Practical Guidance for Implementation and Beyond

    Iulita Georgieva, Senior Manager at KPMG, gave a walk through of practical implementation planning, and discussed what organisations should be focusing on when moving forward.

    Want to know more about SM&CR?

    To find out more you can visit our SM&CR hub and we regularly publish informative articles in our SM&CR blogs. And if you're looking for a training solution, why not visit our SM&CR course library. The Skillcast team is always on hand if you need help or advice.

    SMCR Breakfast Briefing Team

    If you've any further questions or concerns about SM&CR, just leave us a comment below this blog. We are happy to help!

    Guest speaker biographies

    LinkedIn - Iulita Georgieva

     Iulita Georgieva, Senior Manager - Wealth & Asset Management, KPMG

    Iulita helps clients respond to regulatory development and challenges. Her areas of focus include governance and oversight, control frameworks, remediation and strategic change. She works with clients to focus on SMCR, product governance, Brexit, EU legislation and reform.

    She was seconded to the FCA to assist in governance arrangements around Senior Manager Functions and is an active member of the SMCR Working Group.

    In addition to her work on SMCR, Iulita has assisted a number of asset managers with impact assessment for MIFID II, provides insights to SMEs for impact risk around Brexit and helps clients review their control environments.

    LinkedIn - Iulita Georgieva

     Sarah Wallace, Partner, Constantine Law

    Sarah is a leading corporate crime and regulatory investigations lawyer with over 20 years' expertise. Experienced criminal and fraud litigator well known for financial services regulation and litigation. Head of Regulatory & Criminal Investigations Group at a top 20 major UK law firm.

    She represents corporate clients, C-suite, GCs and senior executives in high profile complex investigations, criminal prosecutions, regulatory enforcement and related civil litigation relating to financial crime and contentious financial services.

    The Legal 500 2019, describes her as a "well-regarded expert in white-collar crime" and she is sought by and quoted in the FT, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, PA as well as acting as an expert commentator for BBC News.

    Want to know more about SM&CR?

    To find out more you can visit our SM&CR Hub and we regularly publish informative articles in our SM&CR Blog.

    We offer comprehensive SM&CR Training and have recently launched our new fully integrated SMCR 360 Compliance Solution to streamline, unify and automate your processes

    If you've any further questions or concerns about SM&CR, just leave us a comment below this blog. We are happy to help!

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