Bribery Prevention Training Presentation

Duration: 20 minutes | Format: Editable PPT / PDF

Bribery doesn't always involve cash payments, and it is often carried out indirectly. This makes bribery prevention in your business more of a challenge than what meets the eye.

It is important to arm your staff with the knowledge of what a bribe entails, their obligations and the red flags they need to look out for.

This is an effective way of protecting your business from the threat of bribery and corrupt behaviour.

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Bribery Prevention Training Presentation

How this training will help

Our free interactive training presentation will enable you to give a time-efficient presentation to your staff.

Teach your team about the relevant anti-bribery laws in the UK and the warnings signs they should be aware of to ensure they don't become complicit or victims of this crime.

Learning objectives

  • Understand bribery
  • Know the consequences of bribery
  • Identify key red flags to watch out for
  • Understand your obligations as a company and as individuals
  • Learn the relevant laws and how they apply

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