Consumer Duty Board Report Checklist

Length: 2-pages | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

With the introduction of Consumer Duty, a firm's board or governing body needs to review whether the firm is delivering good outcomes for its customers in line with the Duty.

As part of preparing a board report, it is the board's responsibility to be able to provide information that indicates the firm's implementation of Consumer Duty.

Our Consumer Duty Board Report outlines examples of questions that you could be asked in interactions with the FCA. This offers a way of checking if your firm is meeting the regulator's expectations.

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FCA board report

How this desk aid helps...

This checklist outlines key questions that the FCA is likely to use in assessing your firm's compliance with Consumer Duty. These questions act as a guide for the board in preparing its board report.

This checklist will help your board:

  • ensure the firm is meeting the FCA's expectations
  • have focused discussions around the Duty
  • use the information to direct board reporting

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