Data Protection Training Presentation

Length: 20 mins | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

Data only becomes relevant under the GDPR when it is processed. This regulation creates transparency on how this personal data is processed and gives individuals some control over how their data is used.

Apart from the financial consequences, failure to comply with data protection rules can seriously damage a company's reputation.

Our training presentation covers everything your staff need to know about data protection to help ensure minimal breach occurrences and avoid the negative consequences of non-compliance.

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Data Protection Training Presentation

How this training will help...

Our training presentation is fully editable and outlines the key points around data protection with practical activities to accelerate learning.

Learning objectives

  • Defining the main data protection laws
  • Outlining the types of data that are protected
  • Highlighting the rights individuals have over their personal data
  • Explaining how to deal with subject access requests
  • Unpacking the lawful bases for processing personal data
  • Outlining how to protect personal data and deal with a data breach

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