Free Email Phishing Checklist

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Cybercriminals use phishing emails to spread malware. Email phishing spreads malware when a recipient clicks on a call-to-action or link in an unsolicited email.  More often than not, they appear to originate from reputable and familiar organisations. 

 If your employees are duped, the consequences can be devastating for your business, customers, and reputation.

Our free Email Phishing Checklist will help you reduce the risk of email phishing by outlining some practical guidelines.

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Email Phishing Checklist

How this training aid helps...

Our Email Phishing Checklist provides eight steps to protect your firm from the risks of email phishing.

These guidelines will:

  • provide actions should workplace malware protection fail
  • outline steps all employees can take to prevent cybercrime
  • reduce the likelihood of email phishing having a negative impact on your business

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