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Free GDPR Compliance Tips Poster

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GDPR Compliance Tips Poster
Length: 1 page | Format: PDF poster/desk guide

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented in May 2018, and saw a complete overhaul of data protection laws as we know them.

GDPR affects every organisation that processes the personal identifiable information (PII) of EU residents as well as organisations outside of the EU who provide services to EU businesses. 

One of the key areas of change is much tougher sanctions, which could mean that if you get it wrong, your business could be liable to the sum of 4% of your global annual turnover, or EUR 20 million, whichever is the highest.

So with so much at stake, is it really worth taking the risk?

Our free GDPR poster features 10 top tips that every business should be doing to ensure GDPR compliance. Simply download and display in your office! 

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