Managing Key Compliance Challenges

Length: 18 Pages | Format: PDF

Those working within compliance in the UK face more challenges now than ever before.

Only a year ago the changes forced on everyone across the globe seemed like the stuff of Hollywood films.

Now on top of huge changes in regulations stemming from Brexit, we have all of the changes caused by the global pandemic.

Our eBook examines 15 of the key challenges, facing compliance professionals to help you manage them more effectively.

Managing Key Compliance Challenges

Challenges covered include:

  1. Post-COVID workplaces
  2. Remote compliance & cybersecurity
  3. Employee mental health, wellbeing & inclusion
  4. Whistle-blowing controls
  5. Transforming corporate culture
  6. Training & awareness
  7. Fraud prevention
  8. Transaction monitoring
  9. Data management
  10. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  11. Outcome testing
  12. Compliance resilience
  13. Climate change
  14. GDPR & privacy
  15. Money laundering (6AMLD)

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