Market Abuse Prevention Tips

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The FCA has outlined assertive action against market abuse as one of its main policy commitments. Market abuse undermines the integrity of the financial system and, as a consequence, reduces market participation.

The UK Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) establishes civil and criminal offences for different forms of market abuse. Knowing the different forms of market abuse is important in avoiding a market abuse accusation and the subsequence consequences.

Our training aid outlines how to prevent being on the receiving end of a market abuse accusation. 

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Market Abuse Prevention Tips

How this training will help

Our free training aid outlines some tips on avoiding market abuse accusations. Preventing market abuse in your firm starts with knowing what to avoid.

Our prevention tips address how to avoid market abuse in three key areas:

  1. Market manipulation
  2. Insider dealing
  3. Unlawful disclosure of insider information


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