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Free Modern Slavery Training Presentation

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Modern Slavery Training Presentation
Duration: 20 minutes | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

Slavery is something that we all thought was consigned to the past, but the reality is, it never really went away and it still affects millions of lives today. Latest figures from the National Crime Agency suggest over 5,000 victims of human trafficking in the UK alone, global figures however estimate 46 million victims of slavery worldwide, generating approximately $150 billion in illegal profits each year.

This interactive training aid 'Breaking the Chains' will allow you to give a time-efficient, effective presentation to teach your employees all about The Modern Slavery Act, as well as some common red flags to look out for and the responsibilities they have if they suspect it happening.

To download your copy, just confirm your details in the form.

Key areas covered include:

  • What is Modern Slavery?
  • The Modern Slavery Act
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • The scale of the problem
  • Who is at risk?

Download this presentation to show your commitment to eradicating slavery across your business and supply chain.

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