Simple Online Accessibility Checklist

Length: 3-pages | Format: Editable Word, PDF

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that works together to develop web standards and ensure web content is accessible.

There are five easy accessibility checks for your web content to pass the minimum accessibility requirements. 

To help, we've created a simple online accessibility checklist which outlines how to quickly check your web content and meet these requirements.

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How our checklist helps

Our checklist covers practical online accessibility checks to ensure your web content meets the accessibility guidelines.

Key checks include:

  1. Page titles
  2. Image text alternatives
  3. Text (headings, colour contrast & re-sizing)
  4. Interaction (keyboard access, visual focus, forms, labels & errors)
  5. General checks (moving, flashing, blinking, multimedia & basic structure)

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