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Free Personal Data Awareness Poster

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Personal Data Awareness Poster
Length: 1 page | Format: Poster / Desk Guide PDF

A survey released by TrendMicro & Opinium revealed an astounding lack of understanding when it comes to personal information and data.

Breaches in data security can lead to crippling fines for organisations worldwide, so it is crucial that all employees understand exactly what constitutes personal data, and how to sufficiently protect it.

Our free awareness poster features some key statistics that will help inform your staff on some common personal data misconceptions.

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Statistics that cause concern:

  • 56% of firms don't realise that email marketing lists are considered personal data
  • 29% don't believe it's their responsibility to protect a customer's address
  • 10% do not protect the customer addresses
  • 79% are not aware that a date of birth is personal data

By displaying our poster in your office you can make sure that your staff are aware of your commitment to protecting personal information and ensure they understand their responsibilities as employees of your firm.

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