Promoting Equality Training for Managers

Duration: 20 minutes | Format: Editable PPT/PDF

Although the UK Equality Act was passed in 2010, many companies still fall short of complying with this legislation.

Those that do, may find themselves in hot water with some pretty hefty lawsuits.

So, it's crucial your management team conducts themselves in a way that promotes equality across the workforce and condemns harassment and discrimination.

This presentation will help them gain a full and complete understanding of equality and diversity in the workplace.

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Promoting Equality Training for Managers

How this training will help

This presentation will help your managers to address key issues, including the impact equality has on businesses and how critical it is to create a healthy working environment.

  • Explaining what equality and diversity means
  • Detailing the consequences of getting it wrong
  • Describing how companies can promote equality
  • Defining are the 9 protected characteristics
  • Re-iterating your company policy

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