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Free Working from Home Self Assessment

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Working from Home Self Assessment
Length: 6 pages  |  Format: PDF

Homeworking can be a challenge for some people who've not done it before. It can be stressful and staff can lose touch with their colleagues - but these are things that can be  overcome with the help of some best practices.

Working from home doesn't change your employee rights and responsibilities. Your organisation is still responsible for staff well-being, and staff need to comply with regulations as well as their company Code of Conduct.

Our free Working from Home Self Assessment checklist will help to ensure that you stay, safe, healthy and legally compliant.

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This self assessment checklist covers:

  • General (7 checks)
  • Keyboard (2 checks)
  • Mouse (4 checks)
  • Display screen (6 checks)
  • Workstation/posture (5 checks)
  • Environment/wellbeing (8 checks)
  • Safety (8 checks)

Supporting resources:

This training module forms part of our Working from Home Compliance Roadmap, and is supported by two other free training aids, our Managing Homeworkers Training Module and our Working from Home Training Module.

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