Working at Height Checklist

Length: 2 pages | Format: Editable PPT / PDF

Despite the introduction of the Health and Safety Executive’s Working from Height regulations in 2005, serious injuries and fatalies still happen every year. 

The HSE reports that the main kind of fatal accident for workers in the UK is falls from a height. Working at height poses a health and safety risk which has resulted in companies being found in breach of regulations and receiving hefty fines.

This can easily be avoided with the correct measures and checks in place. 

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How this checklist will help...

Our Working at Height checklist provides a list of actions to help you reduce the risk of working at height. This can be used as a guide to protect both your employees and business.

This checklist includes

  • Risk assessment
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Proper training
  • The work area
  • Communication and collaboration


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