Free Anti-bribery Training Module

Duration: 30 minutes | Format: E-Learning Module

Transparency International UK has partnered with Skillcast to produce the gold standard of anti-bribery training - 'Doing Business Without Bribery'.

It provides comprehensive anti-corruption training for front-line staff. It will help you to prevent and resist bribery more effectively and comply with the UK Bribery Act.

The training toolkit, sourced from the world’s leading anti-corruption experts, represents the next generation of anti-bribery training by providing employees with a range of in-depth, realistic scenarios that require participants to make decisions in familiar situations.

This free version does not track or store your personal information or provide a certificate of completion.

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Anti-Bribery Training Module

How this training will help

Employees who complete the course will gain a better understanding of bribery laws and the consequences of violating them and the know-how to avoid bribes when doing business in high-risk countries.

Learning objectives

  • Know what bribery is and why it is important
  • Learn how to prevent and resist bribery in challenging scenarios
  • Understand bribery law and the consequences for staff and organisations

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